How I Can Make Transitions Tik Tok?

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This application has been controversial in the last couple of years, characterized by creativity allow time to use effects. This time, we’ll show you how to make transitions Tik Tok .

How can I make Transitions Tik Tok

It is established as a dynamic platform for recording videos fifteen seconds accompanied by a musical background . Create an account at quickly gain followers href=””> ensures real If you upload good content.

A large number of users have managed to capture the interest of the general public to transcend barriers and achieve entertainment.

That is why this application continues to invest in editing videos and variability of options offered. They go hand in hand with the creativity of the person.

What are transitions?

The transitions defined as the person performing gestures to highlight any changes or effect within the video. This is a way to make a video with pictures and music more entertaining.

This transition is responsible for granting grace and dynamic a succession of sequences that the user often burn through your phone.

However, it is an effect that can be performed manually or added through the editing filters. Always keeping on both constant use, set your options to the comfort of the community.

How can I make transitions Tik Tok?

In this network there are a large number of transitions that go with sounds or changes speeds that form the recording was made, you can get this effect transition your videos in two ways.

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 tik tok blue colors pink

manually, using your imagination

The way in which the user makes the transition covers plugging the camera, make hand movements or their terminals.

Just any face is made to highlight. In the same way allowed to tinker with “Switching cameras” to create visual effects throughout video.

Being the only limit your degree of imagination, this application gives you the opportunity to invent multiple transitions. Thus, the quality of your publications is improved and make yourself stand out to people who are part of the Social Network .

Using templates

To make transitions Tik Tok after the video has been prerecorded and modified speeds and filters, you can choose to templates for editing this.

This option was added shortly after the creation of the application because it is able to help the user to obtain an attractive effect to help you generate more interest.

If you do not know how to add this type dynamism after your video has been recorded, then we will explain how to achieve it.

  • Start the application of Tik Tok and start creating a new recording by clicking the button “ record ” in the same way as is done regularly.
  • After everything has been recorded normally, press the “ check Pink ” link located at the bottom.
  • The next thing will appear on your screen editing your video through multiple options where you will find the option “ Edit Effects “.

 Musically new logo

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  • At the time you press that section will appear four types of effects, transitions where we will look covering the option “ trans “.
  • When you manage to make transitions Tik Tok, is You can add the number of effects you want and, in turn, define the duration of each.
  • You being all previously selected and adjusted to the convenience of the user, press “ play ” to preview your video.
  • Finally, select “ Save ” to store your recording device and then publish it to the community feed Tik Tok .

Since transitions can be added during and after recording depends on you how it will make you more comfortable achieving creativity you want.

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