How To Move Or Change My Personal Account To Account Tik Tok Pro -Easy And Fast

 Change personal account to account TikTok Pro

One of the applications has lately emerged with overwhelming force is Tik Tok. If you want to be the day with the birth and operation of these applications will be very useful to learn how to move or change my personal account Tik Tok to account Pro to enjoy all the benefits and extras that this implies.

How to Go or change my Personal Account to Account Tik Tok Pro -Easy and Fast

There is no doubt that social networks are here to stay. His appearance has come to completely change the way we knew to interact with each other, allowing humanity a way much more quickly and directly to communicate.

What is an account Tik Tok and what a Pro account?

If you want to immerse yourself in the world of new Tik Tok, you must first application access to the least all the basic information of this application, in order to decide why, when and how to be a more of the many beneficiaries of this application.

What it is Tik Tok and what is it?

Tik Tok is a social network which came about through the merger of herself, Tik Tok, with another well known and used network called It is available through its App for mobile and creating an account at Tik Tok is very easy. Serves as any other network to contact you with acquaintances and others, but through videos.

Tik Tok users can post short videos of 15 seconds that you can add music or any other sound. It is so versatile that you can even add other voices the videos very easily. After recalculations, they publish them with the intention of sharing and his followers that they like to the extent that the reward with a heart.

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Record video to account TikTok Then the videos made can be comment and share among users mostly teenagers. Though of course this is not a rule, as in the thousands and thousands of users, it is not surprising that there are people of different ages as is common in other social networks.

What is Account Pro and what is it?

How every social network that reaches an important position within the first of its kind, Tik Tok has taken the initiative to offer which they have called a Pro account that gives us special tools for content creators. One of the most striking is that with a Pro Account, and some more requirements, they can start making money with your videos Tik Tok .

Once clarified the basic functions of this application, we are much more prepared to learn the steps to move or change a personal account Tik Tok to a Pro Account so easy and quick.

Steps to change a personal account to an account Tik Tok Pro

If at this point you set out lanzarte, or you have already ventured into the wonderful and innovative world of Tik Tok application, because surely surprise you to know that also by Account Pro can access statistics for your account and analyze your performance. as well as allowing us Manage and possess up to three different accounts . These are the steps to follow:

  • We must first access the application Tik Tok.
  • We press the three points at the top of your screen.
  • When we open the Manage Account drop-down pressed option.
  • In our computer at the bottom find the option Change your Pro account.
  • A possessing Pro will have access to special tools like Statistics.
  • At this point we must select categories.
  • Now we include e-mail or telephone number.
  • After we receive a message with a four-digit code.
  • This code must include it in your account and voila, you’re a happy user account Pro Tik Tok.

Record content Pro account TikTok

You should be aware that, if you want to get money by uploading your videos to Tik Tok, one of the requirements is to have a minimum number of followers, so maybe before changing your personal account at anytime Pro conseguir real followers at Tik Tok .

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As you saw, Tik Tok is an application that goes with everything. access to all applications that are booming and keep us connected, you can use Google Play. I hope it will be of great use all this information and that you achieve maximum enjoy this wonderful App.

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