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One of the most important and used in recent times social networking is certainly Tik Tok. In its platform, can run multiple functions, focusing primarily on making funny videos for a wide audience. Here the most popular are those fairly short videos, which have the distinction of being synchronized with music or script and be followed lips.

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How can I have two accounts of Tik Tok

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It is quite common that many people use their tools in multiple ways and according to this, many choose to have two account where they can have separate content and ordered for different audiences .

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Within the application one of the best options you have to choose is the creation of music videos short, to which you can apply effects and voices, having these a maximum duration of 15 seconds. This is a platform leading video in places like Asia , America and even Latin America.

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How do two accounts Tik Tok

Unfortunately, if you want to have two accounts within the Tik Tok page can not do it with the same email account from your main account, so need to have a new account and exclusive for your secondary account tik tok. Depending on this, you must register again within the service.

It is also important that you possess installed the application on different devices, so we can have more control of everything you do within the same account. If you need to install the application only must go to the Play Store in Android or the App Store if a member of iOS.

Once ready all about installing the application, you just have to press the record button so you can start with the entry process for your new account. It is important to put some different data like your number of phone , since otherwise the account can not be verified correctly.

This error occurs because the system will not support any number that is linked to an existing account, to prevent cloning identities within the platform.

You must complete the registration form that will show you with all the data that you ask as date of birth, telephone number or otherwise address email you’re thinking so especially for that account.

It is important to keep that account to create separate data you’re entering and write it down not to confuse any of them with one another.

Once you have entered all the data you requested page, it only remains to press the continue button, with which you will be confirming all data have entered. When you have completed this process, you will be granted access automatically .

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How can I use two accounts at Tik Tok

Just after you’ve signed up with a new account within TikTok , you must be aware that it is important to proceed using two different accounts within the application, do it separately, for that, you closing one of the two accounts to use the other.

If you are looking to close the session Tik Tok, one must go to the section of your profile, which you can place a small icon with your photo or a silhouette gray that is located below the menu.

Once done, you touch the icon located in the upper right corner just inside the menu you’ll see the button « Exit «. Once you press it, you must confirm that you want to do so that action becomes effective.

This is an excellent social network that is fashionable thanks to its tools and challenges within the community. If you want to use but have different content and users, owning two accounts can make a distinction between the two.

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