What Is Tik Tok And How It Works Or Used?

 TikTok on your cell

If you’re bored with Instagram or Twitter and want to take a look at some new social network, then you’ve come to the right post. This time we talk about What is Tik Tok and how it works, a platform that has gained popularity in recent months; because several users have recorded music videos or clips that have gone viral on other social networks.

What is Tik Tok and how it works or using

What is Tik Tok?

Basically Tik Tok Asian is a social network in which we have the opportunity to share short videos. Its original name is “douyin” that the Spanish translates as “shaking music.”

The beginnings of this app back to the year 2016, when it was launched to the market, and from the outset had a good reception from users. Even many Chinese media claim that in just in October and this social network had more than 130 million users.

Even in the first months of 2020 confirmed that Tik Tok has exceeded the number of downloads to Instagram, Snapchat and Youtube, which has certainly been a surprise to many of us.

About Creators Tik Tok

This app, which can be downloaded for iOS and Android , has been developed by A company called Bytedance that has earned its place in the market because they have a news aggregator based on artificial intelligence called “Toutiao.”

In addition the company invested about 1,000 million to gain social network Musical.ly in November 2017. This serves platform for Cerar videos and do live broadcasts and has nearly 200 million followers.

What is TikTok

After buying this platform, the Chinese company Bytedance merged with Tik Tok and thus, totaling more than 200 million active users around the world and daily climb around 10 million videos.

How does Tik Tok?

Although it is a relatively new app on the market, this does not mean it difficult to use. In fact, has a very simple interface to which you can adapt within minutes. Later you talk about how Tik Tok works and what allows us to do things.

After downloading the application and creating an account at Tik Tok , you can access the main screen the app where we have videos that are trending at the time, and will see the most popular videos people to follow.

On the other hand, also it has a tab in which you have the option of searching for users to follow, famous videos or hashtags that are trend.

A time to watch a video, it will be displayed in full screen on the right side of the screen several icons representing the following options: to follow to the user who uploaded the video, give me like, comment or even you can share the video.

 using TikTok

This app We can view and record video so comfortable even can record without holding the button for it; but also it has an option through which we can send messages to other accounts, such as Twitter or Instagram. It also lets you customize your profile and add information about yourself.

Recording a clip

To do this you must hold down the button is in the center of the main screen. Furthermore, this app offers a variety of filters that can be applied just before starting recording, but when editing the video will also be able to add new effects and hacer amazing transitions .

Another advantage is that we can record the clip into several shots, which helps us video out our best. In the case of the video editing is very simple, because this app has effects similar to Instagram; so the issue will be easier if you’ve already recorded stories on this social network.

It is certainly very entertaining video recording multiple takes and then edit each mini-clip published separately and see the final result in our profile. That’s all for today! If you consider that this information has been useful for you, please do not hesitate to share it with all your contacts. See you!

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