Online Video Accelerator | Change The Speed Of My Videos

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At present watch videos online is something very ordinary. Whether you want to watch videos random, some youtuber, series or movie. The problem is that players usually are fairly simple and have no speed option available, there are some programs accelerate video such as Camtasia. but if you do not want to make facilities, then we will see online video accelerator. Learn how to change the speed of my videos .

Accelerator Videos Online | Change the speed of my videos

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You need to speed up a video in many situations. Whether you’re listening to an audiobook where talking is too slow. Perhaps a podcast you want to speed to save time. Whatever the situation is always good to have the option to Accelerate Video .

We will recommend a extension which is extremely simple and even though at first glance seems so basic. It provides all the tools necessary not only to accelerate video, but you can also perform other actions with any kind of video which can be very comfortable .

From slow , enlarge, pause, skip X amount of time, rewind, etc. In a nutshell this small but powerful extension will give you great freedom to handle any kind of online video you want to see.

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And say any kind of online video because it does not work only on YouTube. But you can use it in a lot of services streaming to manipulate videos as you see fit.

The next trick for Windows to accelerate online video is pretty simple and you’ll only have a few clicks and quick options to do what you want.

While YouTube video has the option to accelerate. When you see the operation of the extension we will recommend below. Appreciate not only facilitates the task of Accelerate Video , but end result much more comfortable doing so.

How to Speed ​​Up a video online

To speed up any online video will use an extension for Google Chrome. This extension is called « Video Speed ​​Controller » and can find it in the Google shop. It works on most popular websites like YouTube or Netflix to give you a couple of examples.

The process for accelerating videos online Video Speed ​​Controller is quite simple and above all things complete. Since the moment we are trying to play a video a tab appear transparent where we can speed it.

But the extension is not limited to video speed. It also allows us to slow down of the same. You can even use keyboard shortcuts to make things faster and easier.

  • Reduce speed: key V
  • .

  • Increase speed: Press D
  • .

  • Back 10 seconds key Z
  • .

  • Forward 10 seconds key X
  • .

  • Normal Speed: Press R
  • .

  • Choose rate: key G
  • .

 touch screen video

How to change speed of my videos

The extension has a menu Settings where you can make a lot of modifications. To give you a slight idea can be configured to forward undersides only ten seconds, you can advance the amount of time you want.

This extension is quite interesting for a lot of situations whether you’re looking at a video where you talk too slow or want to skip some parts that do not interest you. Even if you want to see details you can use Video Speed ​​ Controller for slow

video or After Effects.

All this thanks to the keyboard shortcuts so you can make the process quick and intuitive way. So easy is to accelerate online video is a trick for Windows and Chrome quite effective with an extension that not only works on YouTube but also on a wide range of services and los best online video players.

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