How To Add An Additional Domain To My Hosting -Add New Domain

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domain is the name given uniquely and exclusively a website in Internet. It is with this tool that anyone has the opportunity to visit. Thanks to the expansion of the internet, web domains can be purchased and they host two websites or failing many more within a single server or as it is also known hosting still useful for example to find the best WordPress Hosting .

When making such web hosting, you should hire a multidomain plan, with which to host more than one website, with the same hosting account.

Adding an additional domain to my Hosting -Add New Domain

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What it is a multidomain hosting?

A multidomain hosting account is one where you have the possibility of host multiple domains . However, keep in mind that each new domain that has been added to your hosting account, you need one or another way to share those resources employed have, this includes: space disk , monthly email accounts or transfer within all it’s important to know the expiration date of the domain name , as this information could be very useful.

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If the hosting plan that you possess is 2GB space inside your disk, but your main account has 500 Mb only possible that the space will have for your domain is 1.5GB. You know that in some websites like can buy the best WordPress hosting and domain for this creator of blogs .

One of the great advantages of owning a hosting with multidomain manageability with ease from a single hosting account. All this, thanks to the facilities offered by the same Cpanel.

How to change the DNS of the web domain

If you have acquired additional domain is from the same web hosting company, you have nothing to do, since by default have your domain DNS pre-allocated basis for all your Server .

If the case is the opposite, only need to access the admin panel of your domain, which you can find right in your customer section, depending on the company you have done for your domain contract. In this way and once you’re inside, you can start replace the current DNS why are your hosting.

This is information that will facilitate your provider just when you perform the contract your hosting plan. Check your email, you will find all the necessary information.

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Steps to add an additional domain to your hosting SSD

When already own registered your website and DNS have been configured , just follow these steps:

  1. To begin, you must enter the administration panel you can find in the cPanel which bears your username and password you previously selected.
  2. Once inside these options, you must go to the “ Domain ” and after this section start clicking on the “ Domains ADDITIONAL TO s”.
  3. Once inside, you will see a number of options on your screen, and begin to add data that we requested.
  4. Once you have added the data page you requested, you just have to click on the button “ Add Domain “.
  5. What other options do you do?

    Maybe when adding the domain, you leave this message “ Sorry you are not allowed to add more domains “. However, you have not made any step wrong, on the contrary, it means that your hosting plan ssd, does not support more additional domains


    which may need to contact your supplier and that this, you switch to a plan that is more than they already have.

    Once you have completed, all the steps above, you just have to start creating your website. Generally, it is recommended as first instance use WordPress because it has a simple interface and ease of management on your system. But you can also create and configure an email with a Gmail own domain and thus get good results on the web.

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