How To Analyze And Know The Position Of The Keywords Of My Website Using Free Serplab

 analyze and know the position of the keywords

It is vitally important that you know the position in which your website is with the words you want key position. Serprobot Serplab is one of those tools that are used to know the position of the keywords of a web. It is very easy to use, besides being free.

How analyze and know the position of the key words of my web Using Serplab Free

Serplab is a free online tool that tracking the position of your site with a group of keywords or longtails . If you know and have not tried this is the perfect time.

How to analyze and know the position of the keywords of my website using Serprobot Serplab?

Serplab or serprobot beta is a tool online , so no need to take any installation. Only you need to enter your page and click on the check button Free SERP.

Serprobot Serplab keywords

In the new window puts the region where you want to focus your search . The tool has the global default, but you can select a specific country.

Enter or your domain name a specific URL of your page. it is not necessary to put “www” or “http”.

Now Place five keywords exact or terms you want evaluate your search engine rankings .

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When you finish solves the captcha and press the Check SERP now button. The results obtained are in real time and with high precision.

Within a few minutes a list of keywords will appear. t and indicate if your page is among the first 100 that appear on the search in the browser with each keyword. Should you not also appear indicated.

In addition to a link to search the word manually in Google and a list of the top 10 pages positioned for search keyword. This is also a way to check with keywords which competition is positioning and evaluate what words can be used to create new content.

Tracking projects with Serprobot Serplab

If you want to make a more specific tracking of keywords with which positions your website can sign up Serprobot Serplab and try the free version 14 days . This works through projects and unlike the free version, you can put thousands of other words keys, as well as to track it in real time.

When you’re registered on the site and have verified your email , go to the Dashboard to create your first project. Colócale name to the project and UR direction. No need to place www or http.

Place all the keywords you want to evaluate. If you do not want to add one at a time you press the Add keywords in bulk button where you can enter all the keywords separated by comma.

Add the region to assess, is the country where you want to focus your search. In any case can leave the global option.

When you’re done press the Add Project button and you would have your first project in Serprobot Serplab. The information may take some time to display (up to 24 hours), but the results are optimal, besides that are understandable at first sight.

 Tracking projects with Serprobot Serplab

Why choose Serprobot Serplab?

  • Price. The best thing about this tool is that it is free and if you want to pay for additional bots only pay $ 4.99 per month each. If only handle a web or a single project with bots you can trackear keywords in the first 300 positions.
  • Assessment by web. You can make individual searches for each website.
  • accurate results. The results are reliable and consistent with the search results on Google. If you want accuracy in the data, this is the tool you need.
  • intuitive interface. The online tool interface is very intuitive and easy to use. Set changes or add new projects is a process that can be done in minutes.
  • When you register on the platform, allows you to save the data of your projects in the last 60 days.

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