Changing Email Web Platform Saime-Quick And Easy

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If you’re ever Venezuelan’re just looking for this answer like crazy, and it’s no wonder, the SAIME is an important body of the country. But do not worry’ve come to the indicated place.

How Change email website is SAIMe-Fast and Simple

This short article will explain you how to make the Change your email on the platform SAIME in a way that you will not lose 5 minutes. If we read from another country and you may want to learn more how the system works and identify aliens Venezuela can continue reading.

What you are SAIME?

The SAIME by its acronym is the Administrative Service Identification, Migration and Alien , its provide functions ranging from identity cards, passports, permits to foreigner residing in Venezuela.

It is a public body and was changed by this new name in 1999. Depending on the Venezuelan State and is. attached to the Ministry of the Popular Power for Foreign Interior, Justice and Peace

That is why many of those who seek to live in Venezuela procedures, from changing your account password provided by the SAIME to complete identification procedures . Now, why change the SAIME mail?

How to change email?

When we checked into the web platform of the SAIME we ask for a email that takes part of our record, in many cases we have forgotten this or in some cases do not have access to it. But you do not worry over here we explain some quick and easy ways to change that email and still have access.

Method 1: Change Form email

In many cases must fill out a form that can be found online at the official website of the SAIME. This form in general must fill in personal data and then go to a regional office of the government agency and submit it to the appropriate office to make the email change.

This is a very simple method if you live near the Office and you like to make arrangements personally.

Method 2: Change the Email sending an email to the director of the SAIME

If it seems strange, but worked has, at the least so say some users, this covers different situations from not remember your email when you signed up, you lost access to the email with which you registered or not receive anything from the SAIME in your email for no reason.

To do this you just have to go to an e-mail account and write an email explaining your situation . Mail to which you must send is [email protected]

You contain the following information to be valid mail:

Full Name (as it appears on your identity card).
Number of identity card.
Cell Phone Number.
New email.

This method is perhaps one of the most evenings to perform, but still effective in most cases.

Method 3: Request data update in the office of the SAIME

Although you mentioned a form that can lead to a office SAIME , it is also possible if you go to an office where they have locker attention to the user, in them is possible to change email easily and quickly through the official who arranged the SAIME for it.

Doing it this way allows you more details of account and the Change is done immediately. You just have to go to the office holding a locker of these available.

Keep updated data

As we have seen there are ways to change the email in the SAIME platform, but it’s still important to always keep our data current, while we do our paperwork on time. If you want to learn to do other things technology you can read this article on how to change the alternate email or recovery Outlook -Hotmail


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