Connecting A Domain To A Hosting Cpanel Quickly

 add a domain to a hosting from CPanel

cPanel is one of the control panels hosting that uses most of its quality. Although there are many options and control panels free payments, cPanel is characterized by stability . One of the tasks that can be performed from the cPanel is connected to the hosting domain associated with the panel.

Connecting a domain to a Cpanel Hosting quickly

How to connect a domain to a hosting cPanel quickly?

Add a domain from the cPanel is one of the simplest tasks can be performed on the platform. The control panel is divided into categories making it easy to identify each function.

The first thing to do is enter the cPanel from the domain address associated with your hosting with your login details. The domain will be very similar to this:

If you do not know the domain address associated with your cPanel Talk to one your hosting service provider. Login to the cPanel with your name and user .

Go to the section domains of the page and look for the option Add new domain . It opens a new page where you will find a list of domains that are already registered and the section Create an additional domain .

 connect a domain to a cPanel hosting

Place name of the new domain . No matter if you put “www” or “https” panel can recognize is the name of the domain followed by the extension. For example

Place the name of the subdomain, although placing the domain name, is automatically created the subdomain .

Select the folder where you want to be saved the files associated with the website associated with the domain. The panel will populate this field automatically, but you can modify according to your needs. The path of the files is created in the root folder .

You have the option to Create an FTP account associated with this domain . FTP accounts are used to upload files anywhere from a client FTP .

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When you put all configuration data, press the Add Domain and magic will be.

Note: For the domain is associated with the successfully hosting the DNS of the domain must be pointing to the hosting


Targeting hosting

If the domain you want to add is not pointing to the hosting is likely that the above process will generate an error and can not be created. This situation occurs frequently when domain is in a different company register to that of the hosting.

To fix should change the DNS of the domain and place you assigned your hosting provider. If you do not know what they are, communicate with them so you can give this information.

To change the DNS entered the page where you registered the domain.

Select the domain and then the Manage option or configure and find the DNS option. Some pages have the right DNS option to the side of the domain name.

Find the section name servers and puts the nameservers your hosting provider . Save changes and once the information is verified within hours can add the domain.

Other features of the cPanel

cPanel allows you to set all the services associated with hosting packages a website . You can modify basic functions such as managing email, passwords and domain configuration. But if you are an advanced user even can manage the database of a website.

 cPanel functions

File: The file management tool lets you add, modify, delete and even edit website associated with your files. While it is not the same as an FTP client allows you to virtually any direct changes to the files and parent folders.

Managing e-mail: You can create, edit, modify email accounts associated with your domain name. Sets the limit even emails you can receive each email address.

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Backup Keep your protected website constantly making up regularly copy. You can schedule backup automatically to allocate that time to other activities.

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