Creating And Editing A Video Time Lapse With My Photos Easily

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Today, anyone with a camera can do photography with professional results. In today’s article show you how to create and edit a time video with your own photos easily and economically. The special feature of this technique is that you can contemplate the passage of time in seconds. Read on and discover how you can do it yourself.

How to create time lapse with your photos

The technique used to time with pictures is very advantageous compared to the use of videos, photos weigh much less, saving you work and a lot of memory cards. In addition, photographs allow you to use slower shutter speeds, with which you can get results more art this video.

 Accelerated videographer

To create this kind of based video photos we recommend you avail yourself of some tools that will contribute significantly to better results. Many use them worked as follows:

  • Trípoide. One could say that this is an essential tool shoot for long periods of time , the camera needs to be fixed. If you go for a time out, it is good idea that tripoide is robust or heavy, so it does not move if there is a lot of wind. There are also three deformable roller, those who can firmly hold just about everything that can also work.
  • Interval. It is built in the latest cameras and consists of a small button with which you can control how often you want the camera Take photo . It is very convenient because it will achieve capture images without having to be present all the time. If you do not have a camera with this feature, you can buy one and synchronize perfectly.
  • spare batteries. If the elapsed time you want to create something that requires a lot of pictures for a long period of time, it is best to go prepared with the answer of the batteries. In the change, you must be careful not to move the camera angle so that the process will not miss you did.

With these tools you will achieve the pictures to your own look sensational period of time. But that’s not all, we suggest you consider the following:

  • In the first shots, use the manual mode on your camera to get perfect exposure for your photo,

 camera Quadrature time

  • Take care of the direction of the approach you want to give the elapsed time, if some images are blurred and all work will be ruined. But if this happens to you, you can always fix blurry pictures online tools.
  • Use the RAW format for taking pictures, you can forget the profiles and the white balance of the image then edited. can even take photos in RAW format with your mobile if you do not have a professional camera.
  • Identifying duration of the intervals depending on the passage of time. For very slow movements, you can wear long intervals and for short intervals of rapid movements are most suitable.

How to edit your videos easily time

Once you have met all the above, you will have lots of consecutive shots. Now it is time change the elapsed time need to do one of the following applications:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC . Simply import your photos by choosing the first of the sequence and dragging the file that is automatically generated timeline. You get a perfect time.
  • Photoshop CC . This program prepares time, but in a more complex way; It is mainly used by professionals. As usual in Photoshop, you have a lot of editing and control image options.
  • Quicktime Pro . you can download and install for Windows and Mac . To make your time with this tool must follow this path: File/Open Image Sequence. The next step is to choose the first photo in the series.

If you do not like any of these programs, you can view a list of the best free applications edit multiple photos at once.

As you can see, Create and edit a video time with your photos is not complicated , do not wait and start doing today.

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