How To Create Mosaics Videos | Video Tile Photo

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Before you learn how to create a mosaic video, know that a mosaic is An image composed of many photos and even with the same style image tiles (such as bathroom).

Creating Mosaics in Videos | Video Mosaic Photo

This article is about how to make mosaics videos. It focuses mainly on the combination of technology and creativity.

It shows the possibilities of combining different programs to create photo mosaics in videos.

Make a mosaic requires many images . The images that you can use in your project can be of your photo collection.

, or other images that give you or Internet downloads .

Create mosaics in videos is one of the most creative ways to use in any introduction, for a gift or just to learn more about the topic.

Wondershare applications for mosaics

Want to create a mosaic videos you’ve taken with your camera or have downloaded via the Internet? need only learn this intuitive it is easy to use, it is the creator of video mosaics Filmora9.

With this application, can make a mosaic to conceal improper or private messages is a simple and very nice technique.

Really easy, even for those who have no knowledge . Then show you how to do step by step mosaic for you to make yours without problems.

edit video collage

You must perform the loading of multimedia files

Run this application to start making your video mosaic , for that you must make click New Project and you will begin to explore.

To add a video or add the original images, you make click Import to explore the folder or drag files directly to the main window.

Make a mosaic easily

Start must drag videos in the media library to the timeline one by one.

  • Select Video Effects (Clik Effects), then filters, now Utility and then Mosaic.
  • Drag the mosaic of the timeline. You can drag the edge of the tile clip to adjust its length.

In the window Preview , click the tile to change the radius and the size of the mosaic. You can also double-click the clip to change the type mosaic tile, the amount of blur and opacity.

Save video mosaic you created

Click Export to export the video mosaic you just created. In the output window, you can select the desired format save it to your computer.

You can also click on the tab to share your creation to add it to your favorite social network, such as YouTube or Vimeo.

Other online applications used to create your mosaic

In addition to application mentioned above, you can also use other online applications that have almost the same features .

mosaic collage

The way to create mosaic videos and photos with these applications will name you then it is very intuitive and easy to perform.


This is a free online mosaic creator, with which you can use your photos or choose some of the public gallery .

Mosaically divides the process of creating a mosaic in three simple steps. First choose your photo large computer, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

You can now upload some small photos (no need to be large). And as the last step you just have to save the mosaic.

Before saving, users can customize the color and size of the title to be high-resolution and can be expanded.


It is a large manufacturer free online photo mosaic that requires no installation or registration . Easymoza is also good to use for its user-friendly interface, along with tips for selecting photos. Allows users to upload photos and also to save the results in just a few clicks.

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