How To Create A Sitemap From Scratch For My Website? -Simple Steps

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Create a Sitemap from scratch can seem complicated for those I have started a project to create a page or website. Others have formed their own, but for one reason or another does not work properly, so have decided to seek some guidance.

Creating a Sitemap from scratch for my website-Simple Steps

It is possible that the user has used, for example, any Sitemap found there. The only detail that many of these are poorly made .

As for the use as a template and figure that will serve as an example to create one from scratch, often committed errors that do not work properly .

Sitemap What is and what is it?

Before you can create a Sitemap you should know what it is and how it works. This is a .xml file format is stored in the URL.

In turn, you may convert an XML file to Word document text, Excel or TXT , and even import XML files into a spreadsheet in OpenOffice to read properly or another use.

This URL usually frequented by bots web search engines, Google being the most is held (being one of fastest browsers), and additionally, some other programming fanatical person.

This file must have a language , ie, a syntax that is usually well established so that they function properly.

In short, the Sitemap is just that, a extension of the web page that is embodied in another format special character ( .xml ). Being clear, for people is not much use (unless you want to find fault with them and not repeat them in other Sitemaps).

 Creating a Sitemap from scratch for my website-Simple Steps

But Yes for search engines that are important , in fact, is one of the things that interests and more on really fixed.

It are reflected the changes that have been made in the structure of the page or website . Whether blog, online store, a portal, among others.

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These will appear in reverse order in coding the page. If you tried to create a Sitemap looking at another, the person may show that the last change made on the site, appear first.

Creating a Sitemap from scratch

There are several formats that allow you to include content on the website, but for those who are starting, you can make a Sitemap using simple language .

In this way, the procedure becomes a little less complicated, and later will learn how to modify the user at ease.

So the task of creating a Sitemap can be facilitated rather, if the right tools are used, in fact, you can even generate one automatically. “Google XML Sitemaps ” is an extension that allows users to make a template from scratch.

This “ Plugin ” can be very useful if you have “ WordPress “. can be achieved from the “ Google Web Store “, and the install it will be possible to generate a “ Map of the site ” immediately that may be sent directly.

Thus, changes or updates made by the owner of the site will be recognized, keeping data indexing day. But if you can not buy it, there are other ways to create a Sitemap, and one of them is using the “ XML Sitemap “, which works the same way.

 Creating a Sitemap from scratch for my website-Simple Steps

This map generator can create one quickly and safely, without contingencies or errors within the structure. Excellent will work.

The only thing to do is to place the domain of the website , and make the rest of the work tracking and generating sitemap it.

Send to Google

Now, once created the site map should be sent by another tool called “ Google Webmaster Tools ” that will do so.

Here you must enter the domain of the page in the “ Add property ” and then asked to check the URL.

Once created post is due in the section “ Tracking/Sitemap/add or try sitemap ” found in the control panel of the tool.

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On the bar below to paste or insert the link either generated, the plugin tool or XML used is given in “ Send ” and that’s it.

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