Delete/Remove Voice To An Online Song

 Remove voice to an online song

Learn to use audio editing applications can be a tedious task, much more if we are not involved with the technical terms related to sound. Fortunately, thanks to the Internet, there are many alternatives to remove the voice of a song online .

How to Remove/Remove a Song Online Voice

Install an application for audio editing can bring problems like virus along with downloads or spyware. In addition to the space it occupied by an application on the hard drive. Luckily there are online free tools for editing songs online.

Delete a song online

Without the need to install applications on your PC or paying for expensive software licenses. Online there are two alternatives to remove the voice of a totally free song .


This is a website with a simple interface that makes it easy to use and it is ideal for creating and karaoke tracks . The page is completely in English, but no problem for use.

 Create tracks Karaoke

You should only load the song on the page from the file browser on your PC or dragging the file with the mouse cursor to the page. After loading the song choose the initial frequency.

You can to previous amendments to the song before making the download. Modifies the voice panning, cutoff frequency and treble enhancement. Choose between mono and stereo; and finally that new file format Observe the in mp3 or wav.

The final result of this tool will depend on the quality file and audio mixing. Audio mixing is the process used in recording noise removal and editing of the song.

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Online Audio Converter

One of the most complete tools to online audio . It has a user-friendly interface, you should only load the song and the process you do it intuitively. It works with multiple formats and even can extract audio from a video. Works with formats such as MP3, WAV, AMR, MP2, FLAC, OGG and M4R .

Online Audio Converter

You can upload files from your PC , a Google Drive, Dropbox or from a URL. Choose the frequency of highest quality (320kbps). Even edit song information such as title, artist, album, year and genre.

If you consider yourself an advanced user can use the Advanced Options Tool . Modifies the speed of the bit rate, the number of channels and volume. You have the ability to reverse the track.

Vocal Remover (payment tool)

Vocal Remover is an excellent choice if you want separate the audio voice . Depending on what you can get just the vocal or instrumental sound of the song.

It offers high quality results by using artificial intelligence for voice separation instrumental and song. The results are immediate, in less than a minute conversion.

To use it can load the file from the PC or with a link to the song on YouTube . In the upload file page does all the work and gives you a sample of the final result.

You can download separately the instrumental version of the song or the vocal version. The application lets you download up to 2 songs. If you want a full version of this tool can pay by credit card or Paypal.

It has paid subscription packages. the first is $ 7.99 you can download up to 3 songs, regular package costs $ 19.99 and you can download up to 10 songs. Finally, premium package lets you download up to 50 songs for $ 59.99

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Keep in mind that using these methods’re not 100% eliminate the voice of the song. They obtained great results and is a good choice for a song to be used with the intention to have a good time with friends doing karaoke .

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