Extract Audio From Video Fast And Easy -Extract The Sound Of Your Videos

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The videos dominate the world of the audiovisual content , to the day of platforms like YouTube today occupy most of the time Internet users. That is why many people the way they ask to extract the sound of those videos, so today we’ll show you to extract audio from video fast and easy – Extract the sound of your videos


Video Ripping Fast and Simple-Pop the sound of your videos

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There are many times when we prefer to have an audio a video, so it may be convenient extraction of audio. It might seem a process complicated, but the truth is that it can be so very simple , read carefully.

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In what situations is convenient to extract audio and video

The audiovisual content is everywhere, platforms such as Netflix or YouTube occupy most of the time many people. Anyway it’s like a people who want to extract audio from any audiovisual content, such as a music video or an Podcast .

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Extract audio from a music video

Undoubtedly one of the situations in which we extract useful audio from video , is a music video or concert. It is one of the most common situations where this can be very useful procedure, it is notable that can do it easily with the Tools suitable.

Extract audio from a podcast

The podcasts are very famous today, many are uploaded as videos, but we often want to only listen to audio . This can be very useful to save it in our cell, for example if they come from Spotify .

No matter what the reason you want to extract the audio to a video, keep in mind that it is a process simple and here we’ll show how more easy to do.

Extract audio from video fast and easy -Extract the sound of your videos

There are several methods to extract audio from a video, but this time we will show one of the simplest in the world. We will use the tool VLC program Play video and audio very popular .

Extract audio video with VLC (MAC)

  • The first thing to do is open the VLC , once the program is open go to the tab Archivo.Dentro must locate the file Convert/issue.
  • At the top drag that video to convert.
  • In the second option should select profile, is where will choose the video format.
  • In the last option will choose the destination, select it to Save File , press on Browse, there’ll name the audio and will choose the location. After that press Save and the extracted audio will be saved in the selected folder.

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Extract audio video with VLC (Windows)

  1. The first step is Open the VLC program. Once it is within locate the Media tab.
  2. A Middle pressing an option, we refer to Convert, gives clicking on it. It appears almost to the end
  3. will display the tab conversion, being inside the file, select the Add option. Locate to that video which want to extract audio and click on Open.
  4. Once you have selected a video, proceed to click on the Convert -. Save
  5. screen appears to select the conversion format, select one that seems most appropriate.
  6. Now click on Browse to select the folder where you want to save your audio and finally gives clicking Save.
    The last step is clicking Start.
  7. start conversion . Once complete you can access your audio file extracted, for this go to the folder selected previously. Best of all is that you can use this program as default player on your PC .
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