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 A portrait of two awesome people

I love drawing is something you love, however you noticed that you lack technical and really want to start making drawings of the highest quality. Well, you’re in the right place, today you will learn how to make stunning portraits totally free people; and not only that but also will provide you some tips that will be very useful when learn to draw, let’s see.

How to Make Stunning Portraits of People Totally Free | Uface

Tips for Making Better realistic portraits

  • Add More details that normally would add a simple drawing.
  • Do not mark a certain time to finish a drawing, Take the time . Being a hurry to finish it is against these types of drawings, because it takes a lot of patience and details that are not made soon.
  • Make sketch this will make the difference in making a better picture, you can delete and measure as necessary, and at the time of your realistic portrait will be perfect in every detail.
  • If you’re just starting in this world and want to draw first color should start in black and white to master it well. In addition, the pencil drawing allow you to rectify as necessary details.
  • Propose a project, stop thinking that you materials used, and the same applies when coloring your drawing.
  • Become a palette of colors. In doing this you will achieve know what colors and what are the closest to the image you want to portray.
  • If you want to imitate an image, look for it in HD or high resolution, doing so will not have to improvise when performing all the details.
  • Add textures, look at the skin, metal, hair. Etc. and you add them to your drawing this will give better results.
  • Finally constantly reviews your picture, take a picture and check the details of the same.
    A practicing and follow all these tips will notice the difference in the pictures that you will make.

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How I can do free portraits impressive people?

A drawing realistic is one that is so like an object, figure or the person who see doubt which is which , seem to come alive. Let’s see how you can draw a picture of this category.

  1. Have on hand all your materials. Recommend use pencils of various sizes and textures . H, HB, B can also use the stylus dithering or just your fingertips
  2. As a second step and the most important is draw the lines and shape , but, how I do this? Look at the details of the drawing and note how is the face; circle, diamond, square, etc . And proceeds to establish that form on your sheet, and begins to form the lines guides that allow you to have the same size in both eyes, eyebrows, etc.
  3. Measure the distance between the eyebrows, eyes, nose and mouth are in the image and plasma guide these measures in your drawing, this way you will be more accurate.
  4. You once made all measures begin to realize contrast of light and begins to blur
  5. Then you make all relevant details. Look very well in the original image and you will have better results.

  6.  A woman who is drawing

    As we have learned portrait realistically, is something that takes time , the best cartoonists take up to days to make a work of art, for that reason do not give up and try.

    We hope that all this information you provided is extremely useful when making portraits and freehand drawings digital or manually, let us in the comments how you went to the stunning portraits make people completely free and do not forget to share this information on your social networks for more people to join this wonderful artistic world.

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