How To Move Or Convert Mp4 Video To An Animated Gif Image?

 pass or convert a video mp4 animated gif image to a

The dynamics of convert a video to GIF has become very popular as content formats multimedia are entering applications and pages common Internet such as social networks.

One of the main reasons for this is the characteristic of moving images, related to the “low weight” that acquire be created.

In this way, it has become much more practical to insert this format, as ease the burden to be made by the person to receive the content.

Another feature of GIF is that can be created based on a < strong> slideshow or extracting a piece of animated sequences of frames contained in a video .

This is why it is necessary to know what are the tools that allow you to generate such conversion, based on a video you have on your storage will be.

What applications are suitable to convert a video to GIF free?

Mobile devices running Android have a demand for usage grows exponentially each day, which is why their applications developers try to solve the needs of each user community.

Since the animated images are gaining popularity with the passage of time, enable the use of this format has left satisfied to more than one person.

 applications are suitable to convert a video to GIF free

Inside the Google Play Store there is a large number of applications that are dedicated to helping convert a video to GIF when necessary. That is why you will find here the list of the best apps to create them.


This interactive messaging tool has added to its functions the ability to create animated images using a video recorded or stored in the “Gallery”.

Because WhatsApp share multimedia content into its platform, has allowed convert a video to GIF through the loading content. It is important to note that this option is also available for iOS devices .

You only need to use a video from your device, within which you will select six seconds maximum content to transform it into a GIF.

In this creation can add drawings, emoji and text to improve editing before sharing, which can do by clicking the green button “Send”.

PicsArt Animator

Available for free in the Google Play Store , this application allows create a GIF animation using a video or image sequence selected by the user.

It provides the ability to save the contents within the internal storage, and share it through social networks of your choice.

You can also convert a video to GIF from the comfort of your computer!

The computers have more options for video editors are concerned, as this is where you will find the format conversion options.

Although most are online or professional, these allow you to run a more definite edition to the animated image you’re creating within the program.

 convert a video to GIF from the comfort of your computer

also be a content that culminate may be shared within any platform , with low weight and high definition.

Learn to convert a video to GIF with Adobe Photoshop

Although the methodology of this program is aimed at professionals in the field, complete the conversion through its functions is quite simple. The result wonderful , as the effects, layers and designs that enable this program also can be used in animated images.

To begin, select the video you’re importing through the option “video frames into layers” in order to select the range that you transform.

After generating and applying editions desired, you have the possibility of save the file in the GIF format through the section “Export” which contains the option to “Save for Web”.

On the screen a window that lets you define colors and compression of the file to define its size, so that at the end and you obtain from your documents a GIF created by yourself by Adobe Photoshop .

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