How To Put Subtitles To Your Movies -The Best Trick

It is very common that many films and foreign series in a different language to ours. In this post we will tell how to put subtitles to your films with a simple trick.

You can add a subtitle to a movie or series, the method will change depending on whether the file in question has subtitles embedded or not.

Learn how to add captions it is also an excellent way to incorporate people with hearing difficulties, because in this way you will know what is happening in the video without having the need to hear the audio.

How to put subtitles to your movies -The Best Trick

How to put subtitles to your movies quick and easy

If the movie you want to play has already incorporated the subtitles we should only go to audio video . This will depend on the program or platform you are using.

If a film of a platform like Netflix or Amazon Prime, to place the subtitles must look only language option to change the language and dubbed the movie to play in your preferred language.

We can also turn to the section to add subtitles and play the movie in its original language to use subtitles Netflix or other similar platform.

Generally these options language and audio of the video you can find them on the bottom of the screen without any problems.

 settings for audio and video movies

As you can see putting a subtitle to a movie or series when you already have built is very simple, we just change playback preferences.

How to Put a movie subtitle file SRT

The problem arises when we downloaded movie on a flash drive or on your computer and want to play with a video player. Often .MP4 video files have embedded subtitles.

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Do not worry, you can get a SRT file. These files contain information that will enable within add subtitle tracks to your movies . You can download it from the browser with the name of the movie or if the series, by name and chapter.

Also, if you watch your movies from your own smartphone, you can also put subtitles to your videos from Android.

You must confirm that the file has an extension SRT. To locate more easily we recommend that when you save it to your computer, do it in the same folder where is located the film and if possible with the same name.

In this way the search will be more practical. There are many video players, however, we recommend VLC Player. If you have it you can download and install in minutes with the help of the wizard, just follow the steps indicated by you.

 remote control with buttons for language and subtitle

We recommend that once you’ve managed to download movies and series , use this player because it is one of the easiest to use, and supports multiple video formats.

How subtitulo put a movie?

Once you already have the SRT file on your computer , will play the movie. Once you have the screen with the video playing you right-click of the mouse.

In the drop-down list must find and position yourself on Caption and then select the track. Some SRT files have more than one track and each of them with the name of the language to be played.

Another way to add a subtitle if you can not view the tracks, is by clicking on the video playing on the right button mouse and position in Caption and then nadir subtitle file.

opens the file browser, look for it in the folder where you downloaded and select it. Then click OK to add the file.

Now we just have to choose the language you want to translate the film into language options that allows us the SRT file. On the other hand, if you see your movies or videos from YouTube, you can also simply switch subtitles on YouTube videos if these are available.

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As you can see is very simple put subtitles to a movie with this trick . If you have questions about this tutorial can leave it in the comments.

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