How To Remove Shortcut Virus In Pc And Usb Drives -Easy And Fast

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When talking generally about virus is often generalize about all those things in one way or another computer so threaten our devices. However these viruses can be classified by many names which will help us better define your operating .

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How to Remove Virus Direct access Memory PC and USB -easy and Fast

From worms, Trojans up software Spy each them, and although these threatening in different ways are lethal to our computers.

Each of these threats has several features own, which also use techniques different for the sole purpose of infecting a user. Many of these techniques are executed without the user being aware of such action. However, in the network we can find many special viruses, called “shortcut virus”.

which combines worm and Trojan , which when it comes to infect your computer and automatically begins to hide all the icons on your computer, plus folders that the user within your system and begins to change for different shortcuts. These approaches also have the same appearance as the originals.

This way when the user want to run in any normal way of these accesses runs a threat, which began to double within the device, and looking infect other computers.

Usually this type of virus are usually distributed over the Internet, but something that not everyone knows is that one of the ways most common infection is via the memory USB or discs external hard.

This post will help you to identify and eliminate these viruses and also, you start with a thorough cleaning of your devices, so that this situation will not again and this will protect your devices from these malicious agents .

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How to remove a computer virus

Although this type of virus is so basic that any security software is properly updated could detect; It is something that eventually could present a serious problem. It is also important to be removed in time for that will not be damaged sectors of our PC and that this becomes irreplaceable.

However, when a computer is infected severely; the situation is often complicated because of the large number of copies that may be of the same virus which hinder their removal directly.

To start disable the threat , one of the simplest steps is to eliminate all those shortcuts that we observe in our PC. This in order to prevent malware from replicating. For this action, we just connect to the disk or failing memory that is infected and; with the help of a window CMD , we will begin to execute the following commands:

  • E: (or failing that point where you are infected mounted memory)
  • .

  • of the * .lnk (This will begin to remove all those files that are created by the virus and likewise, be a virus).
  • attrib -h -r -s/s/d *. * (This will use it to apply different standards to those attributes and original files back to their original site).

However, we must be vigilant, because if our PC is infected, when we proceed to connect an external memory, this will become infected.

For this reason and in order to finish completely with the threat, can rely on applications like USBFix which is intended solely to help disinfect different external drives via USB , it can run equally within a disc internal hard with the sole purpose to completely eliminate the threat of the computer.

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Try to remove all your files and formats

Once you can get a little more clarity about your files and can see a little further with all files, it is important that you enter in your memory USB and start cleaning. What we recommend is that you copy and paste all the files and after you format it and re-enter.

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