How To Repair The Jack Plug Headphones With Microphone

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We all enjoyed listening to good music, others from a computer with an amplifier, another with mobile, using the best headset. It is common for most people, listen to music or make calls using headsets with microphones (we leave this article if you want to learn how to connect your Bluetooth headset PC). You can own a headset and maybe come to that wireless connection does not listen to anything; because today we show you how to repair the headset jack with microphone.

How do you know that is damaged headphones with microphone

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use headphones   Bluetooth is safer than at some point have to repair the headset with microphone jack can be complicated if you do not know how to do, because you may need – to modify the new connector or cable is damaged. It is therefore important to have the necessary tools:

  • Cautín or electric welder
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