How To Repair Damaged Files | From Pictures, Videos, Documents And More

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Your PC is a completely different world, where you can create your own world and get many tools maximum . It is possible that during the creation or editing of some items, have fallen on the need to delete some files, and that they fail to be eliminated by complete your computer .

How to Repair Damaged files | From Pictures, Videos, Documents and more

It is also likely that some kind of code will appear which you throws an error and which notifies you that the file is damaged or otherwise be as a corrupt file. This is because some files where missing some data and thus these files are damaged and programs that you own can not read them.

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If this becomes the case, there are various methods which will help repair these files in order to return everything to normal.

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How prevent damage my files?

In general, files are corrupted by multiple virus within the computer. Which in one way or another, they can become corrupt and damage not only your files, but also other elements within our PC . A great element to consider in order to avoid this, is having a good antivirus, which is suitable to prevent this come to pass.

Another option you can choose also is to place our files within a cloud or alternatively, perform different backup . This will ensure that we can recover those previous versions, which do not have any problems.

Repairing damaged files that are

If you’re looking for a quick and easy repair, without the need for any third-party software, as recommended is to delete that file that is damaged because it is this element which will make your Windows may not work correctly. If that’s the case, just follow the following steps Fast:

  1. Begin by opening the window that has the Command Prompt . And once inside it, you click the right mouse button where you’ll choose the «Run as administrator» option, and this is where the version you want to open.
  2. Once inside, you must write the « sfc/scannow » command. This command will help you locate within the entire system, files that are damaged inside your hard drive. When you typed the command, will begin an analysis of the system which will check if there is any type of file, which is damaged and likewise, can repair .
  3. Once the search process, this command will replace all those files that are damaged and will back in the cache.
  4. From here, alone will keep open the window system , all this until the process is complete. Once finished, you may appear different messages, which will indicate whether the problem has been solved or not.

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    Repairing damaged Office files

    If the file you’ve lost is a document Word, Excel or even < strong> PowerPoint. you can recover and repair those files that are found damaged Office . All without the need to install any other files more. To do this action, one must do the following:

    1. go to the bar Options tab and look for the « File »
    2. There, you enter the « Team »
    3. option

    4. Following this, he joined the tab « Browse » and position yourself on the file corresponding to the file you’re looking for.
    5. Click the dropdown arrow next to Open
    6. After that, just select the «Open and Repair»
    7. There, you will automatically see the file you want and this software will open, take charge of repair properly, so after that you can use. Once a’ve finished using it, you just have to save the file with the corresponding format and ready, and everything will be ready to use your document without any error involved.

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