What Are They And What Are The Storage Devices? What Types Are There?

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Currently, there are various types of storage devices through the advancement of technology. These, have the ability to read and write any information that you need in order to keep these data in its memory permanently.

What they are and what are the Information Storage Devices? What types are there?

This system has the ability to save data of interest inside , which obtained a major role in the development of technology. Given that without the help of this unit would be impossible to carry out the work or any type of project.

These devices are defined as a storage unit , the same transport the data needed and distribute them on different computers. Fulfill the auxiliary role in projects that have, as this tool allows you to store information safely.

Progress of storage devices

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Over the years, the history of storage devices have evolved . In turn, there are a lot of failed attempts to expose wanting a new storage system, and rarely were successful businesses wanting to market memory cards or called optical discs.

Previously, it was used as a storage unit cassettes, they need to have a device that is connected by wires to the computer. They had a low cost but were not the fastest at the time of save data.

Then, went on the market known floppy but these were very likely to break . This new storage unit was widely used during the 90s were imposed until the CD Rewritable . Even the Windows operating system sold for this medium until 95 version number.

Currently, most of data is saved in the popular cloud , is the trend that has prevailed in society. Although storage systems are still widely used, it is a tool that does not go away but every day is being perfected.

About the different types of storage information

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storage devices for magnetic media are the oldest These allow large amounts of data store in small units. One of the most popular devices are the external hard drives , which fulfill the function of saving data and to view them on another computer.

Some of these stores are: diskettes, the Tape Backups, DAT tape, among others. In turn, there are internal hard drives which are integrated on the same computer and can store the information you need in large quantities.

Next, have storage devices for optical media, they fulfill the function of storing photos, videos, music. Also, this medium can store computer programs, games and more.

Optical Storage Devices medium

optical media devices best known are the CD, DVD and Blu-Ray . These systems have the ability to store large amounts of data. It is one of the types of storage media most used and most important is that they are easily accessible, since you can buy in stationery and shops.

Storage Devices electronically

Finally have storage devices electronically, this system is the most promising, they are in the pendrive, to which you can make a backup and memory card. In turn are used in mobile phones, digital cameras and computers.

This unit is known as solid state memory, as contain electronic circuits and do not need to move so that it can read the information.

In the same vein, we find storage in the cloud, which has high transmission speeds. Since it is a unit that stores information online, is one of the trends most commonly used because it does not take physical means to have your information securely.

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