How To Activate And Renew Certificates Of The Electronic Dni? -Step By Step

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Need to make any pending legal, fiscal, financial , check the points driving license or other online application? Then we encourage you to review this item well, here we show you how to activate and renew the electronic ID certificates step by step.

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How to Activate and renew certificates of the Electronic ID? -Step by Step

How you can activate and renew the certificate of the electronic ID card? -Step by step

Basically there are two very simple steps that will point out below:

Step 1: Go to the police station

  • If you perform this procedure for the first time, request an appointment online from the official website of the Police, and you must go to that is closest to your home.
  • You must enter the following documents:. Certificate of Birth, Photograph recent registration certificate and pay a fee in cash
  • At the police station built the points update the DNI, are machines that have a fingerprint reader and electronic ID; there you can create your PIN to activarte and then renew your ID certificate when necessary. Even with this certificate href=””> for any civil registration or information.

Install Software ID card

Step 2: Sets the hardware ID card

  • need a external device with smart card reader DNI 3.0, this you can connect to your PC via enable a USB port, make sure you get a good brand.
  • To check if you took the installation of the DNI enters the menu Windows Start , click Devices and Printers, there you can view as a < strong> smartcard to verify proper installation.

How to use the certificate of the DNI?

scan the electronic ID card

  • Enter your ID card into the slot of the device to read the chip; to performing this process Devices and Printers must recognize it as a smart card.
  • In the enter a website that prompted the certificate authentication with ID; either in Finance or some other website, it will automatically detect, click OK.
  • In the box Smartcard dialog will ask your PIN put it and finally click OK.

How can activate and renew the certificate of the electronic ID card?

  • If your ID certificate has expired, expired or lack of use and then you can is not found Operating go to the police station.
  • In the update point you will see the Operating option with the electronic ID , you will be prompted to enter the reader the DNI click Start.
  • Enter your password, even if you have forgotten the system will be prompted to place one finger index on the fingerprint reader
  • .

  • When you have identified the system will ask you to choose new password confirm it again.
  • Then your data and information will appear on the certificate of the DNI, there will display a message expiration date.
  • Here you also have the option to update the certificate; will have been renovated as well. Then will show the new expiration date; indicating that the electronic ID certificate is valid any more.

The electronic identity in today’s world is a matter of utmost importance for every citizen . Therefore, we hope that our post on how to activate and renew certificates of the electronic DNI, you will be useful for virtual steps quickly and safely.

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