How To Put Black Bars On A Video Using Adobe Premiere Or Sony Vegas

 Putting black bars video using Adobe Premiere Sony Vegas

There are many editing programs, but possibly Adobe Premiere and Sony Vegas are some of the best known and functional. Today we’ll show you how to put black bars on a video using Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas.

Putting Barras Negras a video using Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas

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Putting black bars on a video makes it much see more cinematic , giving it a more professional appearance. That is why we recommend you learn this procedure in case you constantly use these applications, on the other hand, we also recommend learning how to focus images in Adobe Premiere Pro to obtain a video more polished and enjoyable.

How to put black bars on a video using Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas

There are two exceptional video tools that can be found in the Windows operating system. We refer to Adobe Premiere and Sony Vegas, Today learn how to put black bars using these applications


 Editing a video

Using Adobe Premiere to put black bars on videos

Adobe Premiere is one of the most comprehensive tools for editing home video. By using it you can create high quality videos , where imagination is the limit. In case you want to use Adobe Premiere to put black bars on a video, read the following information carefully and follow these steps:

  1. Once you open the video you want to configure with Adobe Premiere, click on the File.
  2. Among the many options present must click on New and then on Adjustment Layer , press OK. As you will see the adjustment layer will be shown in the project, you must drag it and put it over the video, extending it to cover all of it.
  3. Apply an effect on this adjustment layer to this section refer to the Effects look Trim and drag it to the adjustment layer.
  4. Click on the adjustment layer, go to the Effect Controls and locate the effect Crop.
  5. As you can see, different attributes are displayed to configure, you must be located on Up and Down and type the percentage cut, we recommend using 10%, but you can choose any number you enjoy.
  6. Doing so will see black bars will appear in your video, simple as it is put black bars using the program Adobe Premiere . Use this method to your videos have a more professional and cinematic look, but remember it is also necessary href=»»> , so that your video feel complete in every field.

    Set black bars on a video using Sony Vegas

    Sony Vegas is one of the applications of major video editing present in Windows and other operating systems, the fact is that it is one of best alternatives to Adobe Premiere for editing videos . Many prefer to use this application on other competition.

    Use black bars can be very good to enhance the appearance of our videos, if you want to perform this procedure with Sony Vegas follow these steps:

    1. The first step is located within the video project that has already been done.
    2. Locate any clip , click on the panoramic crop .
    3. Display shows Panoramic options clipping, you must press the key X .
    4. Now go towards reduction controls that appear in the video as if it were resizing an image, do so from the bottom.
    5. A performing this notice in the video of the project will start appearing those black stripes to create such a cinematic look.
    6. Configure so that they are of the size you want and close this menu.
    7.  video Editing

      At the moment the effect is applied only to the video clip you selected previously, to apply it to other clips do the following:


      1. Click-click the clip in which the effect has been applied, now click on the Copy option.
      2. Now select all clips project.
      3. right

      4. Press click and select the option Paste Attributes of the event .
      5. After the above steps and have successfully configured the black bars on the program, so it will create a professional and very pleasant effect. As noted above, a very interesting cinematic effect is created, for this reason it is recommended that you also know put subtitles to a video in Sony Vegas Pro , another aspect that will further boost this aesthetic.

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