How To Create An Account On Twitch To Transmit And Record My Games?

 Twitch create an account to transmit and record my games

The world of video games has extraordinary tools implemented in recent years to consolidate his community. Gamers have gained ground in the digital plane and are increasingly existing platforms for play and interact with people around the world .

In this context, Twitch has been one of those platforms that has excelled in this area, by enabling relaying hundreds of video games live through your service streaming . But also it transmits other content, without a doubt the gaming aspect has been the one that has highlighted.

Where does Twitch?

This is a product of the famous company online Amazon . It premiered in 2011, born with the mission of supporting the sports sector, specifically the electronic sports.

Without a doubt, marked a trend, and only 3 years sufficed that in 2014, Amazon acquired it for an amount, nothing more and nothing less than $ 970 million.

 where does Twitch

Currently, you can enjoy its services through its PC version, although it is available for iOS and Android , as well as tools to implement their software consoles such as Xbox and PlayStation.

I want an account Twitch

If you are interested in being part of this amazing community players and fans of eSports , are the ideal place for it, because here you will have an explanation of how to create an account Twitch:

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  1. First, it is important to note that the record of this platform is completely free. So, if you get with any pay offer, discard it immediately.
  2. Enter the website Twitch .
  3. Click on the button “Register” on the top right of your screen.
  4. A faster and easier way to appear at this point, is to sign up using your Facebook account.
  5. If, on the other hand, do not link want Twitch to your Facebook account, simply have to get the registration form with the information requested for that purpose (username, password, email, date of birth).
  6. Check the box for CAPTCHA and then click the register button.
  7. Identity verification

    To corroborate the information provided, Twitch will send a verification message to the email you’ve placed on the registration form.

    Amazon’s influence on Twitch

    Despite being a completely free service, there is a Prime version of this platform is full of really interesting things. What is the way to access it? subscribing to Amazon Prime platform .

    From there, you’ll have free games, eliminating advertising content on the platform, including exclusive emoji for users of this type, as well as enjoy exclusive content and many more advantages.

    Record and broadcast on Twitch

    If you do not just want to be part of the community of viewers who watch every day streamings recognized characters, but rather want to be one of them, because the moment you start comes explore different tools that this platform offers you to reach be one of the best .

     Record and broadcast on Twitch

    • Verify that your computer meets the specifications required for the retransmission of video games here.
    • We recommend using some softwares that facilitate and optimize the transmission of video games. Among the most recommended, you can use OBS Studio, Gameshow and Xplit.
    • Set the properties of video, audio and broadcast retransmission selected tool.
    • Click the Start button and start recording your game then upload it to Twitch .

    Be part of this community!

    Undoubtedly, Twitch offers a more interesting space for experience the reactions and epic moments featuring the world of video games, living a unique and amazing experience.

    As a spectator or as part of people climbing daily recordings, this community keeps players simply something special: the passion for v ideojuegos


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