How To Block A Contact Or Someone Else In Twitter Without Account

Twitter is a social networking most important currently has many users who constantly use and prefer for their functions. Yet there are some annoying users would be better block, so today we’ll show you How to block a contact or someone else on twitter without noticing .

Blocking a contact or someone else on Twitter without the account

Blocking users often becomes necessary because it is normal to see people upset at any time. Given this block possibility is one of the best electives, fortunately block in Twitter is not a process complicated and today we’ll show you some steps to protect your privacy.

Why block people on Twitter?

Unfortunately social networks are filled with all kinds of people, there are from good, to those who can hurt us. It is for this reason it is recommended to take security measures to protect us from any possible eventuality.

As noted protect privacy of our accounts is essential in every social network, we’re not sure the end of all those who can see our publications. Take the appropriate measures will protect us from a lot of trouble and unpleasant circumstances.

Twitter is a huge platform where millions of users exchange ideas each day , but the truth is that there are many willing toxic characters to hurt us. To do this it is best to take the steps that teach you then.

Still, block a person is the last option, so we recommend at first is prevent anyone you send private messages on Twitter , so strangers can not communicate with you. On the other hand, if you really want to block someone, read the following information.

How to block a contact or someone else in Twitter without realizing

Fortunately the Twitter platform has a few security measures that will allow you to be more relaxed while using their services. The first is to activate the protection of Tweets, process is done very easily through the configuration options:

  1. sign in to your Twitter account after it locates configuration options. In the current version of Twitter, on your computer you will access them by pressing on the three points located under your profile picture to the left of the screen.
  2. many options, press on Settings and Privacy

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  3. will be displayed. once you find yourself in this section, press on Privacy & Security .
  4. Here you will find the option you need to activate, we refer to Protect your Tweets . Enable this option, a confirmation appears on the screen press the Protect button.
  5. After completing this process just simply leave the page and from now on those who visit but do not follow your Tweets not be displayed.
  6.  Block Twitter

    Make no one can find you on Twitter

    Another useful measure to protect ourselves is to disable search by phone or email, so people can not find you if they have this information. Activate this as follows.

    1. Go to options Settings then searches and privacy settings.
    2. Find the Visibility and contacts , gives clicking on it. two options, both off.
    3. appear

    4. To avoid performing this process that people can find you by your phone number and your email address.
    5.  lock on Twitter Make

      Much like the above, it is recommended that you put your tweets private , thus not everyone can see them, but only those ye are.

      Block a contact on Twitter

      The truth is that there is no way in which to block contacts without these realize in the long run there are ways to find out. The best thing is to lock and understand that it was something necessary. If you want to know the process to block someone, follow these steps:

      1. Go to the profile of the person you want to block.
      2. Once you get there, press on the three points located to the right of your profile picture, there appear several options, you must select Block .
      3. In confirmation screen appears, to continue the process presses on Block.
      4. After the previous step can block someone on Twitter. She would not notice that you’ve blocked unless you visit your profile, and you can not see normally.
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        On the other hand, if you’re looking for is to protect, it is imperative that you know recognize if someone has into your Twitter account without permission , this can better protect mode, preventing someone from accessing your personal accounts.

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