Changing The Password Of My Account Twitter From Pc

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Passwords are vital to all online services and Twitter is no exception; If you want to change the password for your account, this post will show you step by step How to change the password of my Twitter account from PC?

As we know, Twitter is a social network very famous with many years ahead. With this app, users can find out a lot of news, interact with friends, post photos, videos and can even share audio files. In addition, recently tweeted gives us the option to activate night mode.

How to Change Password my Twitter account from PC

On the other hand, with respect to the functions of this network should mention that we also can use two accounts in the same mobile. This means that you can include two different accounts on the app, which is helpful for users who typically have two Twitter users; whether for business matter or just because you manage the account to a third party.

How to change the password of my Twitter account from PC?

  1. Open your account Twitter submitting your email address or cell phone number and password you currently use.
  2. When you are on the homepage of your account, go to the side menu and click on the “More” option , which is represented by the icon three horizontal dots (…).
  3. When a submenu is displayed select “Privacy Settings” .
  4. In the tab “Account”, select “Password” .
  5. Now on the tab “Change Password” find three boxes must fill to change the password you currently use. First you must enter the password you currently use; second type the new password and third plan to use the new password again to confirm that you know what the password.
  6. Click the ‘Save’ .
  7. If the password is not secure or not follow the policies of Twitter, you can not save it until you design a secure password.

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    I do not remember what my current password what should I do?

    1. On the login screen Twitter, you must click on the link “Forgot password?” .
    2. will redirect you to another page where you’ll be asked to enter in the search field your email, phone number or user name; select the method that suits you to reset your password and click the “Search” button .
    3. If the option you select phone number, you will receive a code via text message to the number you have associated with your account. If you write the email you have associated with Twitter receive an email with a link so you can reset your password.
    4. Depending on the method you choose subsequent steps are different; but easy to follow in each case; So now follow the steps you go indicating Twitter to reset your password.
    5. Tips for a secure password

      Passwords are synonymous with privacy and security, so that passwords should be strong with a touch of difficulty. Here are some tips to create strong passwords:

      • Passwords must be at least 8 characters and maximum 10 or 20.
      • A strong password has a combination of different characters ; ie numbers, letters, symbols (.-, /% $ +), uppercase and lowercase letters.
      • Do not use personal information to create your passwords; for example, birth date, your first or last name or name of your parents, children or pet.
      • Do not leave your saved passwords in the browser or written on a sheet where anyone has access to that data. It is advisable to enter the password on any social network or bank every time you go to access these platforms.

       increase security account

      • You should never share your password with others; If you find that other people know your password immediately change it.
      • Change your password regularly ; do not let go months without changing your password.
      • It is vital that keys are different in all services online where entering passwords. You should never use the same password you use to access e-mail to join a social network.
      • You can create passwords with the name of your favorite song; you have to do is replace the vowels with symbols and numbers, and place some consonants capitalized as the first and last letter.
      • Finally, we recommend enable verification of two steps .

      Tips for designing passwords on different platforms

      1. Build a strong password with previous recommendations (eg [email protected] *).
      2. If you need a password for each social network, use the password you created at the beginning and you add the initial capitalization of the social network or platform where you will use; for example Twitter & gt; [email protected]* if for Instagram & gt; [email protected]* or Tik Tok & gt; [email protected] *.
      3. So easy to create different combinations for each platform.
      4. No doubt, it is very easy create an account on Twitter but sometimes it is difficult to put a secure password. In this regard, the finish reading this post have learned what to do to change your password from your computer by a greater degree of security.

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