What Is And How To Create A Twitter Account Easily

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Today social networks have become very important. Although there are still many people who do not know What is Twitter or how to create a Twitter account easily . Today we will see a quick, easy and detailed tutorial on how to do to have your Twitter account.

We will see step by step how to create an account and also how edit or customize your profile so that in a few minutes you are ready to start using the social network of blue bird.

What it is and How to Create a Twitter Easily

What is Twitter? What is Twitter?

Twitter is a microblogging social network . Just started this social network was quite simple in every way. Creabas an account, public text of 160 characters and go.

However, with the passage of time they were adding different functions which improved the experience with this social network. Keeping its main feature of having limited characters per post or publication.

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In short it is a microblogging social network for small posts with some extra features. Ideal to spend time, find out a lot of news and interact with others.

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How to create a Twitter account step

you Want to start using Twitter ? We will see a step by step guide so you can create an account and take your first steps in this interesting social network.

  • The first thing you have to do is enter the official website Twitter .
  • Just You enter the Welcome screen appears social network. All you have to do is press on “ Join Twitter “.
  • Then we will see a form which’ll have to complete in order to have your account. Here we recommend you use your actual data The reason? At one time or another we have problems like forgetting the password among other things. It is much easier to recover or change the password when you clear all the data we have used it.
  • After completing the basic data as name, username, email and password . Will ask you to specify your phone number. This is for safety reasons to protect the most out of your account. Do not worry because you will not send SMS of any kind nor anything will appear on the bill later this month.
  • After you select offers general topics that may be of interest to you start to see different publications of the same just finished creating your account. in turn depending on the topics selected social network will recommend people who can follow .
  • Now you have to choose to customize your profile , so this must have a profile picture that you upload from your computer or mobile device. Or you can use your Facebook profile picture; to link your Twitter account with Facebook.

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How to customize or edit profile Twitter

It is important that you have customized your Twitter profile because it is the way to introduce yourself to others. Just enter your profile depending on it that person can decide in seconds if you want to follow or not. Remember that first impressions count.

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  • For this we will go to our profile. For this pressed from the left side menu on our profile photo .
  • Once our profile we just locate the “ Edit Profile ” button located below the cover photo on the right. A window will pop open with several options.
  • These options are basic but very important. You can change the profile picture and cover. In turn you can also change the name on your account. In the “ Biography ” section you can add information about you that appears below the profile picture.
  • turn can add information about your location and any web site or YouTube channel among other things you have. Here you can also add a link to other social networks like Instagram or Facebook, for example.

Once completed, you have your list account to start using it. It’s not all that complicated to learn how to create a Twitter account quickly and start using this interesting social network that has a lot to offer and that is so different from the alternatives.

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