How I Can Remove All Or Multiple Tweets At Once An Account Twitter Easily

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Twitter is a social network that offers good benefits, and allows different things within it. For example, share a link, video or GIF . And even we could make conversation our artists or references.

It is an app used by millions of users and is very safe, however if you are concerned about the security of your account can enable two-step verification on Twitter .

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How can I remove all or several tweets while a account Twitter Easily

But its main target is the tweets. Which they come and go in this social network. However, they have one disadvantage is that once published can not edit . Thus, if you made a mistake, you can not correct it. The only solution is to delete it.

But you know How to remove all or several tweets Twiter account? If your answer is no, then you’re in the right place. Because then we will teach how to do it easily and quickly.

How I can delete a tweet?

If for some reason, has written a text on Twitter and you want it removed, the procedure is very simple, since by default this social network is very intuitive. You just have to access your account, via e-mail and password.

As, you are within the official Twitter page or app, you have access to your profile by click profile or else you can do by pressing up photograph of the profile. Once there, all the information that you share appears.

Select the tweet you want to delete, and then check the item from a chulito found in the upper right. Immediately, several options appear. Make click Delete , then a pop-up window appears, asking if you are sure to delete the tweet. Click Delete again.

It is best that can remove the tweet from your computer or from official applications for iPhone, iPad and Android.

On the other hand, should be aware that there is as removed, it will disappear from your profile and the chronology of accounts that follow you. As well as the retweets. If a message contains a comment that the tweet was deleted appears.

How to remove all or several tweets while a Twitter account?

Remove the individual tweet, it’s easy but everything changes when we want to eliminate all or several at one time. Since twiteer does not have this function properly, making the procedure more complicated.

To do this, you must use third-party services needed to eliminate tweets you want the user. Fortunately there is a practical and safe to do so, through some programs, including TweetDelete .

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TweetDelete has a high ability to remove tweet, with a limit of 3,200 publications. If your limit is higher, you can do so in several passes. Its operation is very convenient and concise. The user must indicate the year where you want to delete publications and the program automatically takes care to eliminate.

Similarly, there is another tool to delete tweets, TweetDeleter. By the same, it can be eliminated regardless of age. Only you add a keyword , the date of publication or reference that the content is about.

 Startpage tweet deleter

This tool is very useful and intuitive as it includes an option that lets you automatically delete messages.

Another alternative is using TwitWipe. The latter option is widely used because it allows delete all tweets and retweets or other publications that have marked as favorites.

In this way and using any of these tools, you can delete all tweets from your Twitter account.

Finally, we hope this post has helped him help. However, we would like to know your opinion Do you know of other tools to remove all tweets from Twitter? You know how to remove a tweet retweeted I can do it easily ? Leave your answer in the comments.

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