How To Publish And Schedule Tweets Using The Tool Tweetdeck

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If you are interested in keeping your constant presence in networks, learn how to publish and schedule tweets using TweetDeck tool.

How to Publish and Programming Tool Using Tweets TweetDeck

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In this digital age is essential to maintain presence and know tools for managing social networks , especially if you have a company or business, or are you content creator. This presence allows your product or content have increased exposure because more people are Internet users than conventional channels.

In this sense, Twitter is one of the most important networks, with an estimated 300 million users at the moment. But for your presence on Twitter is truly effective, it has to be constant, and the like interacting with other users.

But this is something that can become difficult when, at the moment, you find it impossible to be connected to your network. For this there are network management tools that can facilitate work in this area and are really useful in optimizing time.

One of these applications is TweetDeck. Read on to find out what it is and how you can use it to your advantage.

What is TweetDeck?

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It is an application launched in 2008 that allows you to manage one or more accounts Twiter, to publish and schedule tweets. It also allows view notifications, indications or DMs multiple accounts in a single interface , which is ideal if you manage multiple profiles.

A the power to manage all accounts from one application can minimize the response time of the channel, improving interaction with the public. This platform Easy is designed to optimize functions of the Community Manager at the time and still allow you to earn news.

It also offers the ability to interact easily and immediately all accounts associated with the application. And program the content of each defining the day and time most convenient publication for each case.

How to use TweetDeck to publish and schedule tweets?

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The first thing to do is access the website of TweetDeck, and access your data using Twitter. If you’ve already logged Twitter in your browser it is not necessary to do so on the website of TweetDeck will automatically open.

If you are using two or more Twitter accounts , you can add to TweetDeck . Press symbol shaped gear is on the left menu. In the list that is displayed select the Settings option and then click Accounts. Then located and press the Add button Twitter account.

Now you must log additional data that you want to add, username and password, click the Authorize button to complete the application. Once all accounts synchronized with TweetDeck You can start programming the tweets you want . You must go to the start and press New tweet.

Then select the account you want to make the publication by clicking on it. Box emerging type your tweet. If you want to add a photo to your post presses the button Add images, select the one you want on your computer and upload it.

Now you must click on the Schedule button really tweet below the Add button images and select the day and time you want. Since you’re happy, press the Tweetear the (selected date) button to save all settings, and will only wait for the time of post .

If you ever want to do some editing time on this single programming must again access the web TweetDeck and select the account you want to edit.

click the Add Column button on the left sidebar. Select Scheduled emerges on the screen below.

You’ll see a new column that will all scheduled tweets . From there you can edit or remove them by pressing the buttons on each tweet. In some cases we seek to give style to our publications, Canva is a great option can learn by reading this article.

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