How To Activate The New Design And Night Mode On My Twitter Account

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The vast majority of social networks such as Whatsapp are trying to create favorable conditions for avoid eyestrain of its members. And the Twitter platform takes time doing this, that’s why we want to introduce a tutorial that will show you how to activate the new design and night mode on my Twitter account.

How to Market and activate the new Design Night Mode Account Twitter

It is one of the aspects that draws attention when using an application is its interface. Although this will also depend very much on the screen of the computer you’re using, but reduce eyestrain is utmost importance. For that reason applications like Twitter are concerned with creating functions that allow a better viewing experience.

Remember also lower the brightness of your screen and upload as many times as necessary . Activate the dark mode, it will allow us to visualize a more convenient way messages that arrive to our social network. And avoid the view also that we get tired and do not want to continue to review feedback from our contact. So we’re going to teach you how to activate the new design and night mode on my Twitter account.

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How to Market and activate the new design night mode on my Twitter account

The dark mode is a function that has long been implemented in different applications, this maybe because of complaints that have been received by users and the possibility of losing adherents. Twitter with this in has already implemented the new design night mode on your account.

For us to to put the new design and activate night mode on my Twitter account , that if this done since the application on my personal computer. The first thing to do is go to the platform Twitter and sign. That done we will see that on the left side of your screen several options are displayed.

Among the different options that can be found are, Home, Browse, Notifications, Messages, Saved, Lists, and finally Profile button. Let’s turn to the latter option and we will make clip More Options. In doing this a new window will appear with options such as themes, times, configuration, log, etc.

But this time we will select the option screen, doing this we will show a picture with the name Customize your view. Here we can make adjustments on the size of the font, color and background image option. In this last option we can see that we can choose between three different modes.

This default mode, the Night clear and Dark Night mode. And Default Mode option is selected and you will switch to Night Light or Dark Night mode. If you select the option Night clear and then you clip Done this way and the background dark and letters will be highlighted in white were applied.

If on the contrary choose the Dark Night option and then you clip Done bottom will turn a deep black color and letters take grayish tone. Either ways you can use them when you’re doing your nightly readings Tweets. It is highly desirable to prevent eyestrain caused by the brightness of the display.

How to activate the new design night mode mobile

To be able to put and activate the new design Night mode on my Twitter account but now on your mobile device. To do this we go to lead the Twitter application and then we will start session. This fact will lead us to the top where our logo or avatar.

We pressure on him and to deploy a vertical bar with several options and we choose Night mode . In choosing this option will be applied automatically and the screen and change the application letters. White colors take a dark blue tone. And the brightness of the display down considerably.

 black screen phone

This way you can make use of this feature that lets you take long hours at night reading your messages. And so you learn very easily how to activate the new design and night mode on my Twitter account.

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