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Currently, we have multiple platforms which help us communicate with the world. social applications , also, as social networks, they are an excellent way to communicate and keep in touch with the world. Instagram is a social network that revolves around the images , publications and infographics.

Placing or Put Link an Instagram account on Twitter

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In this space everything is visual and striking, will be welcomed, since its function is that, show photo and videos as well as the save all the publications you want let this social network. We can find various devices available for both Android and iOS . Usually, users that live here have an extensive catalog of photo effects such as filters with music , frames, retro colors, etc.

Thanks to its operating system, we can get a special link of all publications we want, so we can teach function in other social networks like facebook or twitter.

For Twitter , its main attraction is the writing of analytic ideas in a few characters. Thanks to its system updates, has a longer range among his followers.

Most likely be a follower of both Social networks and you would like your followers equally, can see your posts and activity on both networks, so you do not have to worry, here we’ll show the solution to all this.

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How to place the link Instagram account on your Twitter

If you wish to place a link to an account or Instagram posting directly to your twitter account, just follow these steps:

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  1. begins accessing your instagram account . Place your username and password in order to access normally.
  2. Once inside you just have to enter the same settings. You can find this option by accessing your profile and ubicándote on the icon of the nut. You press the icon and you will see that a number of options ready for you
  3. open

  4. Within this menu of options, you just have to place you in the tab “ configure services “.
  5. There you will see a large number of options open to accounts that can be linked to your profile. This is where you select the account you want to link is Twitter
  6. Once you select it, it will open the login Twitter. Enter your information and proceed to press the “ OK ” on considerations of that service.
  7. button

    Once you’ve followed all these steps, your account remain linked to your Instagram account automatically. From now on, when you post a photo on your profile, this before being published, will give you the option to add a direct link of the publication to a tweet on your profile that red social.

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    How to add other types of links on twitter?

    Twitter is an excellent promotional tool and closeness between users interact daily there. Thanks to its tools and options, have the ability to add or create almost any type of text or links to your publication.

    If you need to add some sort of link to your followers manage to get to the information you want to share with them. To add a link directly to your tweet, just follow these steps:

    1. Begin by entering your Twitter account .
    2. Follow the usual procedure that you use to create a new tweet.
    3. Write down what you want to place or simply paste the URL you want to include. So Auto , Twitter placed a miniature of the link you just placed and mini Summary on the link and exposes information. If you want you can add some more information or failing to make a thread about your post.
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      Twitter and Instagram are one of the most popular social networks so far. With this tool, you will have much to share content for your fans .

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