How To Save Drafts Twitter Tweets To Read Later With Pocket?

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If you are a Twitter user, you know that the information generated in this network is quite interesting and is one of the most updated. In general, what you see in Instagram or Facebook passeth by Twitter first. With so many information flows, Sometimes you want to record another interest to examine later . That’s why the integrated platform making, find out how to save Twitter tweets with Pocket.

To use Pocket from your Chrome browser is important that you offer extensions previously .

What Pocket? Discover other features offered by this application

previously known as Read It Later (Watch Later) is a tool to keep and organize all sorts of information on the Internet. You can download it for free and access your data whenever you want.

With Pocket lets you keep links in the cloud and organize them with markers according to their importance or interest. Also, you can listen to the readings, and use it in offline mode.

You can enjoy your Chrome extension to add a website of interest. This extension, in turn, comes with Twitter integration so you can record your Twitter tweets with Pocket.

Pocket is one of many href = “”> proposed to improve your time working on the browser.

Some tips and Pocket additional features that are good to know

  • Possibility to store everything from Web addresses to YouTube videos, apps, songs and of course, you can save your Twitter tweets with Pocket.
  • In addition, you can keep organized by labels every time you add something to keep. It is an important thing, as this will prevent you from becoming a bank of useless information.
  • We also use to create a bit of history to read Amazon Kindle for sending news   and save them to read later
  • .

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  • Since it is an application mainly for reading, you can change the text so you can do it comfortably and for strength more than necessary. You can change the style and font size, brightness and text background. And if you do not as clear interfaces flat, it comes with black well what will help you save battery power.
  • A being a social network, you can customize your profile and go to the recommended lists items that can be viewed by other users. I also like to other third elements and go share with fans.
  • You do not necessarily need to download on your Android mobile device, You can access your account via the search . This also has the same functions and is effective in case you do not have your phone handy but want to save something.
  • There is an additional tip that can be useful if you have damaged or mobile screen can not just touch. That is, through the volume keys on the phone, you can control the scrolling of the page.

Discover how to save your Twitter tweets with Pocket through the extension

Once you have Google Chrome, go to “ Settings ” and “ Out Services Save ” will see the different sites you are integrated. Select the social network, so that the sign it, you can, keep your Twitter tweets with Pocket.

 chrome pocket

You can find the option to record in Pocket, with buttons “I like” , share and retweet. With just press you keep this information in your account can be accessed from any platform.

It is good to remember that Twitter also have the option to add “Saved items” found in the section “ Share “. With this, it is also possible to go keep the tweets, simply keep no order that you select.

As Pocket are many extensions to Google Chrome offers should only seek what is best for your task. One of the advantages of the Chrome browser is that you can install extensions from your Android device.

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