How To Recover My Account Or Password Uber Easily

Uber is one of the most widely used applications worldwide. And with good reason. The services provided by Uber for quick rides without much hassle or the orders you can place through Uber Eats are unparalleled by any other company in terms of simplicity and convenience.

Basically they are services where you get exactly what you expected in a good way, that’s why in any eventuality we must know how to recover Uber account or password to continue using it.

How to Recover my UBER Account or Password Easily

As mentioned above as it is a service that is used so often, you need to look after your account for any kind of glitches, as well as if someone else is using it. So, if you have had problems with your Uber account at some point, you have come to the right place, as below we will show you how you can recover your Uber account or your password if such is the case.

However, it’s worth noting that recovering your password is one thing and recovering your account is another, so we’ll explain the two separately. Ready? Let’s go!

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How to recover your Uber account

It is likely that your Uber account has been deactivated for reasons beyond your control, and if so you may find that you are unable to log in. If so, you need to be aware of the reasons, as these are the very reasons that could possibly prevent you from getting back into your Uber account. Among these reasons is that you are using an email address that may already be in use by a different account.

In such a case you need to head to the Help section on the Uber homepage and then click on “My phone number or email is already in use“. All you have to do here is fill out a short form and Uber will get in touch with you.

On the other hand, there is the possibility that you have breached Uber’s Community Guidelines, which is more serious and you may be able to get an Uber account again. These offences include you damaging the vehicle or using foul language to the driver. This will put you out of the game with Uber.

However, if the reason is one of the above or any other, the process to follow to reactivate your account is as follows:

  • Go to the official Uber website, and under Help go to the “I can’t log in to my account” section.
  • You will then need to fill in a form with some of your personal details, including the phone number to which your account is linked.
  • Then, you will need to describe two trips you have recently taken using Uber. This is done in order to verify your identity and protect your data. Here we recommend you to be as detailed as possible with the Uber team.
  • Finally submit all the information and wait for a response from the support team who will promptly get back to you.
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How to recover my password

On the other hand, if you have forgotten your password or want to recover it somehow, the process is also very simple and secure. All you have to do is follow the following step-by-step.

To get started, you’ll need to log into the official Uber website and go to the User Help section and then select “I’ve forgotten my password“.

You will then be asked to enter your email address, as well as your mobile phone number. Submit these details.

You will soon receive an email in your inbox with a link which, following the on-screen instructions, will take you to a page where you can reset your password for a new one. Be sure to select one that is secure and that you can remember.

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