Which Application Is Better, Viber Or Line?

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There are several applications that help us communicate. So often we do not know which one to choose. So in this post we will explain which application is better, Viber or Line. will list the pros and cons of each app so that you can reach an objective conclusion.

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Which application is better, Viber or Line

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What is Viber and Line?

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Viber is a free application allows us to communicate with others who have the app installed on their devices . With it you can llamadar, send messages, make video calls, create group chats and more. can even have Viber on your desktop PC . This application is compatible with systems like Android, Windows, Blackberry, Firefox, Bada, Nokia, Mac OS X, iOS, GNU/Linux.

Line is an application messaging, video calls and voice calls that allows users to communicate with other users of this app for free. In addition You can share photos, videos and music in real time . You can also download and install on your PC LINE . This app is compatible with iPhone, Android, Windows iPhone, Nokia, Asha, Blackberry, OS, iPad devices and the PC both Windows and Mac.

What application is best? Viber vs Line

These applications are almost identical uses. For that reason, then we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each. Evaluate their performance, diversity of functions, quality of service and the amount of resources consumed on mobile.


Although Viber is not a very popular application, if is a comprehensive app when it comes to instant messaging; even a lot of users are increasingly joining this community of users. Among its most useful features is the know someone last connection .

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Advantages of this application

  • application free , so you can save a lot of money.
  • With this app you can send multimedia files (photos, videos, location and audio).
  • It provides its users the ability to temporary send text and voice calls .
  • Get messages when the application is not running.
  • is available in 16 languages.
  • can recover photos you’ve deleted error.
  • You can send documents.
  • Viber allows you the ability to remain invisible.
  • You can create group chats with more than 100 participants.

Disadvantages of using Viber:

  • This application consumes a lot of battery on the Android operating system; and this is because the app Viber remains enabled Wi-Fi on mobile although you’ve disabled.
  • You can not send a contact or music files .
  • Viber you can not turn off notifications.
  • You need a SIM card .
  • You need to be connected to Wi-Fi for the call to be more fluid.


This application is the great rival WhatsApp because it has features not offered by other similar applications. In addition, each year more users testing this app add up.

 Hand holding a mobile phone with screen Line

Advantages offered

  • is a free application.
  • Allows international calls with a very low cost , also offers a monthly plan for those who need to make many international calls.
  • With Line you can send Sticker, share locations, files, videos and photos, music, and more.
  • do not need a SIM card to sign up.
  • It is free of ads.
  • You can customize it to your liking.
  • has a barcode reader .
  • It has a large store of smilies.
  • Provides great security.

Disadvantages of Application Line

  • You can not contact any user of the application.
  • battery consumption is too high .
  • You do not have time text messages, also has an integrated translator.
  • You can not share information with the social network Facebook.
  • RAM consumption is very high compared with Viber.

There are many advantages and disadvantages of these applications but each brings a lot of features and capabilities to stay connected with friends and familiares.Cada user has their own opinions, needs and requirements when choosing the best tool communication.

Then What is the best Viber or Line? , everything will depend on the use you give to this app and using application more friends and family. But only you should decide what should stay.

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