How To Download Viber Mobile And Pc

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Within the wide variety of applications, there are many interesting content presented to us. Let us know what Viber App and how it works, because since its launch in December 2010 when at the beginning it was only for the iPhone operating system iOS has had many changes.

How to Download Viber for Mobile and PC

Your goal is that your users send free text message free calls phone users who have the application installed.

There is an extensive history of different operating systems depending on the year has made available this app Viber, by the time about 10 of them could operate.

Finally is now available for iOS and Android that are most used worldwide, the most accessible in the world of smartphones,

Now you can also have Viber on your PC, with the same features and benefits . Recalling that works with the Internet, 3G, WiFi, and the like in the mobile .. Its current owners Rakuten Inc, are very keen to continue to grow, to have more users

As is a similar application to WhastsApp , compete hard, this makes Viber looking for innovative features that will attract customers and increase to more people who use it.

You have the option of voice call over the Internet, it works with almost all OS there for smartphones, also has PC version.

If you want to learn how to remove a contact from Viber can read the article and learn.

How to download Viber for your PC?

 Viber PC and Laptop

As we will see Viber has the same functions on smartphones that PC, so we get the same benefits. This version Window or Mac You can link you to users who already have installed on your phone that can be Android or IOS.

No need to write username or email anything that is important. The identification of each user’s phone number.

already have your user is your phone number, then the have Viber installed on your phone, this will relate to your PC automatically.

Then during installation you will be asked to enter a phone number , this is required because you will be sent a code to your phone in order to activate the service on your PC.

What are the advantages you Viber on your PC?

  • Contacts or stories conversation automatically sync with your PC
  • .

  • You can make transfers International calls when you doing between devices.
  • You can make video calls from your computer .

As advice is better to downloading the program from the same page Viber for safety.

How to download Viber for Android or iOS mobile?

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This application has become one of the most used in its segment now has more than 100 million active users. We can download the most common operating systems iOS, Android, placing Google Play in the case of Android. For iOs App store.

A the get on sites already mentioned, going to the green button to install, ready to enjoy Viber their benefits. For example there may be now 20 people at a time in a called simultaneous .

In addition you can download games for you to participate with friends, with emonji also send messages, you may have to know your location by enabling this feature.

Now Viber helps you cut your videos, this facilitates sending what. Have the right length These are the two ways to download Viber either on your PC or on your smartphone, enjoy this application.

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