How I Can Have Viber On My Desktop Pc

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If you are using Viber to communicate with your friends and want to have it handy on your computer discovers how to have it on your desktop PC . Viber is an application that allows its users to phone calls and send text messages free way to other users.

How can I have Viber on the Desktop my PC

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This application developed by the Israeli company Viber Media , was exclusive to iPhone in its infancy, but today is available on almost all platforms. Although one principle was possible to write to a user at a time, for 2012 the messaging service groups and voice was implemented in HD .

Over time the platform was becoming more popular and, according to statements by its founder, today has a database of more than 200 million active users.

Create your account Viber

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To start the application you must download and install Viber on your smartphone. You download it at your application store or directly from the official website of the href=»» Viber . a once installed on the device, open the app , allows access to your contacts and fill in the phone book as your country


After pressing the Continue button you can wait a few minutes to receive a text message with the confirmation code.

Now copy the code you received to the application and press continue. Select a display name and begins to communicate with whoever you want.

You may be interested to know what the access code Viber and how you can enter it.

Download and install Viber Desktop

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Before installing the application on your computer, be sure to have it on your mobile device and have an active account and verified. Click on the link to download Viber Desktop for Windows, Mac OS, Linux or Ubuntu . Run the installer and follow the instructions of the wizard.

At the end of the installation the application will automatically open and see the question Does Viber on your mobile phone? Press the Yes box.

Pressing the button will be redirected to a login page QR code . To scan must open Viber application on your mobile.

QR code scanner

You should open automatically, you point the camera at the QR code on your computer to begin synchronization.

If no QR code scanner automatically opens on your phone, you can do it manually by pressing the More button.

It is in the lower right corner of the screen, then press the QR Code Scanner option that is at the bottom of the list. At the end you will see a message that tells you that you have successfully completed the process and you can start using the application.

Just press the Open Viber button once on the screen. Clicking the contacts icon can select one for start communicating.

Write your message in the blank field at the bottom of the screen and press the button form plane to submit paper. If you want to make a call or video call, just press the corresponding button on the top of the screen. Remember that your contact must also have the Viber application and account for the call or Video call is free.

Place Viber icon on the desktop of your PC

If that installing Viber Desktop has not been created shortcut on your desktop can do it manually.

Windows you just have to go to the Start menu, click All Programs and maintain clicked the Viber icon to drag it to the desktop.

Once there, drop to fix it; Really the shortcut on your desktop from where you faster access to your app. On the other hand, if your computer uses Mac OS icon Viber automatically appear in the dock of apps on your desktop.

If you are not automatically added just have to go to the location of the program, open the folder and drag the icon to the dock to your computer.

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