How I Can Recover Deleted Photos From Viber

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Viber is one of the most used applications IM. We send messages, photos, videos and audios through it. But what happens when I accidentally delete a photo? How I can recover deleted photos from Viber? Today we will see How to recover all deleted Viber Photos.

Viber is a new instant messenger application that is causing you to WhatsApp competition, which is why many users are wondering which is better.

How can I recover deleted photos from Viber

Viber is a very popular app among us and leads a good number of years. It works similarly to WhatsApp and other apps in the same style. When we receive a photo is saved in a specific folder and often ended up deleting some of those image files you send us.

It is very normal finish to eliminate all memes sent to us, for example. And inbetween remove photos that are important to us. Whatever the case, there are programs that are able to recover with just a few clicks, all photos that were removed from Viber.

Just as you can retrieve photos, if you find the disadvantage of being inadvertently deleted a chat, do not worry that deleted messages can also be retrieved.

Want to know how to recover? In the following tutorial you’ll see how to use a program to recover everything that was erased from Viber.

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How to recover deleted photos from Viber

Not for anything unusual remove photos of Viber by mistake or perhaps thinking that we will not need them in the future. when we want them back however they can begin the headaches and the big question about how I recover deleted photos from Viber?

Maybe you’ve formatted your device, perhaps while selecting photos deslizabas you chose any Viber really did not want to remove, moving images occurred some kind of problem. Even through some missed malware of the photos you had saved.

No problem, since it is possible to recover all deleted photos Viber without any kind of problem. For this we will have to use a very useful program that will allow us to recover all the photos that were deleted.

In this case you have two options. You use Yadot or Jihosoft Mobile Recovery. In our case we will opt for the first.

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Recover deleted photos from Viber

Before you start is important to have a good percentage of battery your phone to avoid any kind of problem in the middle of the process.

  • The first thing you have to do is download the application to your computer.
  • Start the program and then you have to choose the option “ Deleted Photo Recovery ” it would be to recover deleted photos. Connect your mobile device to your computer using the original USB cable.
  • After this in the next screen’ll have to check the drive where the deleted photos were Viber.
  • In the next window’ll have to select the type of photos that were removed.
  • Begin the process to recover photos, keep in mind that depending on how many photos and information that was deleted, this process may take more or less time. So we recommend patience.
  • After this you will see a list of files into a “ File Type View ” and “ Data View “.
  • You’ll be able to view a preview of all the images that were found and then you can restore them anywhere.

As you can see is very easy to learn how I can recover deleted photos from Viber either Yadot or Jihosoft Mobile Recovery. Since both applications work similarly. So that if one does not give you the results you expected you can try another one.

If you still remain any doubt about How to recover or retrieve images which were deleted from Viber You can leave it in the comment box you’ll find a little lower and will be happy to help in any way as possible.

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One of the advantages is that this program Viber you can installed quickly and safely your computer.

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