Why Not Let Me Do Viber Calls? I Can Not Call With Viber

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No doubt apps like Viber makes us much easier to keep in touch with our loved ones. But maybe sometimes, for one reason or another, we can not use it. So here we show Why Viber does not let you make calls and give you some tips that will surely help.

Why Viber NO let me make calls -I can call with Viber

Why not let me Viber calls?

Today, we all useful an app like Viber. This allows users to make calls and send messages to people who wish around the world, allowing them to stay in touch despite the distance. In addition, it is really easy to download . can install Viber completely free from the Play Store or App Store.

But as any application, may sometimes have problems trying to use it properly. There are different reasons why Viber may not let you make calls.

But do not worry, that each of these problems also have solutions. And here are some tips that can help you use Viber no problem .

Problems with Viber and Internet

One of the most common problems for which perhaps can not use Viber is your Internet connection.

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Many single users can use the app with mobile data. If this happens to you, follow these steps to resolve the problem:

  • Enter the Viber application.
  • Click on the menu button with three small lines.
  • Select the option «Settings» and go to «General».
  • Click the option « Politics suspension Wi-Fi «.
  • Finally choose who is «always connected».

Following these simple steps you avoid unnecessarily spending your mobile data, using the Viber app Mediate WiFi connection.

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On the other hand, if you run out mid-month balance, it is recommended that you learn to configure limit consumption data. So, you’ll manage in the best way your monthly income.

Problems with WiFi signal

If despite these steps, Viber still not let you make calls, Maybe your Wi-Fi connection is not in good condition.

Some things you can do to improve Wi-Fi signal on your device, are:

  • Go to Wi-Fi settings on your device , and check if it is properly connected.
  • Restart your modem or router Wi-Fi.
  • Restart your device.
  • Check your router connections Wi-Fi and checks if placed correctly.

If despite these steps do not manage to improve the signal of your Wi-Fi network, follow these tips to improve the speed of your connection and your internet speed to the maximum .

Viber does not let you make calls because the application is not updated

Another very common reason why Viber does not let users make calls , is that they have an outdated version of the application.

A being an application arising several advances every day, it is normal that it is always changing and updating, making some were difficult to make the stay on with the latest updates of it.

All you have to do to keep to the day and update your app Viber, is entering the store from which you downloaded the application and check for any pending update it.

 Young woman using the phone to talk to someone

We recommend that you enable notifications shop where you do have so that, whenever you need to update some software, you will alert you so you can do it without any problem. You’ll be able to make calls without any problems.

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Viber is an application really useful . However, it is not the only app messaging allows calls and talk to your acquaintances. Its main competition is WhatsApp, so you might want to know which one is better applications.

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