Downloading And Using The App Vinted What Is Vinted?


Currently digital platforms has replaced many negotiating processes had long before, today we’ll talk about one of these platforms. Vinted is an international community to buy and sell secondhand clothing hand. Would you like to sell you clothes you no longer use or buy new clothes or used for a lower price? Here we show you how to download and use the App vinted.

How to download and use the App vinted What is vinted?

How To Download App vinted

vinted has a free application which can easily download and use from your Android or iOS mobile device. Can download vinted in the Play Store or Apple Store . You can also access the website of the platform and open a free account.

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vinted mobile android

Whether you use the mobile app or web page to create an account and access will need a Google, Facebook or Apple account to continue with registration. Then, you must place your username, email and password, you receive a message in your email inbox to verify your account and presto!

Once inside your account, you can enter the configuration and place more data to complete your profile, like your photo, description, gender and date of birth. Now we will explain the steps you should take to make purchases or sales from this platform.

Using vinted

Whether you use vinted to sell or to buy, before any process is necessary to configure everything about payment, shipping and receiving, within the application. To do this, go to the menu and select» settings» option, and then press on» shipping» in this part you must place your address for purchases or returns that may make you your buyers.

Then press on the ‘Payments’ option, this should provide an account number where you will receive remuneration of vinted for your sales. Also, you must place a credit card number to make payment of your purchases, you can even pay with PayPal.

Finally, the options «Discount lot,» «Notifications» and «Privacy settings» can put extra parameters to help you better interact with the application and provide greater benefits to your buyers. Now your account is ready for you to start using it, see how you can use it to selling and buying.

buying vinted

To sell

Before selling, it is important that you are clear about what items accepted vinted for sale of this way you will avoid that your product is removed from the platform. Then, follow the steps below describe you:

  1. Photography, takes measurements of your product and upload it to do so, press the » sell now» and provides the data required by the application.

  2. When you receive a notification from someone interested in your product, answered questions and agree payment, which may be less than the price you placed.

  3. Once accepted the purchase price, the buyer makes payment to vinted and the seller will have 5 business days for shipping.

  4. When the buyer receives the product and confirm that all is well, vinted pay the payment of the product, without deducting any commissions in your bank account. Finally, the buyer can qualify.

In order for your products to be positioned quickly and can offer better, do not hesitate to implement some tricks to sell more in vinted.

To buy

If you are more interested in acquiring items at affordable prices and conveniently from your home using the app vinted, then follow these steps:

  1. Get products with the help of the search bar and filters, then select the one you like.

  2. Make questions to the seller pressing «Write to the seller» to clear all your doubts even can haggle the published price.

  3. Then press «Buy Now» when you really want to buy the product. Select the payment details, shipping method of your choice and confirm the purchase.

  4. Hold the item arrives, receive and confirm with the button «Everything is fine» that the transaction was successful. You can also give an assessment to the seller.

With the app vinted can make some extra money or save on purchases, quickly and easily. Many users think that in comparison to Wallapop is the best app purchase.

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