How To Enter Or Log In Wallapop? -Step By Step

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What is and how it works Wallapop? is the application Wallapop commercial of the time, is an App that allows the registration of users globally and whose aims are entirely commercial. Through Wallapop users can buy and sell secondhand goods.

How to Log in or log in Wallapop? -Step by Step

Surely you ever found yourself in the plight of discarding an item that has been used for a short time, or buy it and try it on I do not keep you as expected. As well! Through Wallapop You can sell it to other users near where you are, or you can buy and pay securely in Wallapop.

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The application was launched to the market in mid-2013, but nevertheless was not until 2015 that it began to take popularity. Arises from the idea of ​​its three co-founders Gerard Olivé, Agustin Gomez and Miguel Vicente to publicize virtually an ancient form of trade in second-hand goods.

How to enter or log in Wallapop?

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The application allows the user to register to the Fill out a form with personal data which includes among others, an e-mail. At the end the person can begin to investigate between daily and recent post offers or product you want to market.

The navigation system href=»»> App has the advantage of the intelligent geolocation , this means that the type of product groups search according to the closeness between the buyer and seller. thus facilitating the business can be carried out.

Access to commercial application only requires that the individual have an intelligent device that has access to the Internet, enter the person has the option to research about a product of interest. Entering keywords in the search panel . If, however, your goal is to sell something can post it and add a brief description of the same.

How register log on to Wallapop?

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To register you only need a smartphone or smartphone that owns Internet access, as well as personal data, if you want to access the platform follow the instructions below:

  • Start by accessing the application and download from your store mobile downloads, in the case of Android devices will Play Store , and iPhone is App Store .
  • Wait until the download and installation, and then enter in the «login or register» that is located in the upper right corner of the app.
  • Start edit your profile , you must include essential information such as its location so that the system can show search results nearby.
  • Add also have a profile picture, gender (male or female), age and date of birth. This will generate confidence among people who interact with you on the platform.
  • Once you create your account can join it as often as desired. You just need to add your username or email with the password to add it to the register.

buying and selling process through Wallapop

Wallapop allows interaction of all kinds of people on the platform, which is why users are subject to certain risks when trading any product. You can follow these tips to make a successful purchase:

  • Negotiate the purchase or sale of the product to the person and set the payment type just before the meeting.
  • Set reunited with the buyer a safe meeting point for both. It can be a restaurant or cafe or somewhere busy.
  • Preferably go with a relative or friend to the meeting point.
  • Carefully review coins or bills that are delivered by the buyer, if the payment is virtual verify that the money has been credited to your account.

It is important to note that each of the recommendations above and be cautious when run a business by Wallapop . Because although it is an effective platform can also be risky, especially for those who have little experience in company and selling online.

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