Scanning The Qr Code Whatsapp Web With The Front Camera

inicio whatsapp QR code web

WhatsApp is an app IM that provides many benefits. This application does not stop surprising, because now we can enjoy WhatsApp Web . To use this function should only scan the QR code with the camera of our device; But can we scan this code WhatsApp Web with the front camera, if the back does not work ?. Know here in this post.

Scanning the QR code with WhatsApp web Camera Front

The QR code was not well known a few years ago; but now it has spread far and used in all types of devices. For example easily scan a QR code from your Android phone or iPhone , which are generally used for store information or visit websites; even yourself can create a QR code to share your WIFI signal with your friends.

WhatsApp Web with the front camera?

WhatsApp Web is a extension of the WhatsApp mobile to tablet or PC; as your account is synchronized with two different devices and you have one of them it will be reflected in the other. For example, messages sent and received will be synchronized with your computer and mobile, so they will be reflected in both.

Web WhatsApp lets video sharing from your office or home; different types of documents and pictures you have stored on your PC. It also allows you to download music, photos and videos of WhatsApp Web on your PC Windows or Mac . Download WhatsApp from your computer web, installing WhatsApp. If you have Windows 8, 10 or Mac OSX 10.9 and make the download:

  • Download for Windows: download file whataspp.exe Next, open and install it
  • ..

  • Download for Mac: need to download a Zip file. Then, open and install, you add applications and desktop dock. Finally, you open it and scan the code.

If you have another operating system uses WhatsApp in the browser Although can use the browser on Windows and Mac, it is recommended to download previous programs.

QR code whatsapp web

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Scan the QR code WhatsApp with the front camera

Perhaps the dilemma is that rear camera your phone can not use it for different technical problems generated by the computer, or simply because the lens rear camera does not focus and the picture is unclear.

Well, this time you need to use the front camera, but this is a bit more complicated, since the QR readers only work with the rear camera.

However, in these cases it is necessary have a third-party application , ie a scan external that allows app different types of QR codes or especially WhatsApp, to synchronize mobile with your computer or tablet.

Application QR Droid Private (Spanish)

app will not take much space and will be useful for other readings such as photographs, programs open link, you can create your own QR codes and more. Also lets you save links that are most important.

  1. Open the Play Store on your device.
  2. In the application finder places QR Droid Private (Spanish) . Click on the button Install .
  3. Once installed, open WhatsApp on your mobile device and also on your computer from the page.
  4. Then, under the camera you will see the icon of a camera, press it so that change the direction of the camera to the front.
  5. Finally directs the front camera to the QR code on your computer. It may be a little uncomfortable, but once you directions well and mobile vibrates, the scanner is ready.
  6. google start play

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    Now that you know solve the problem of scan the QR code WhatsApp Web using your front camera; insurance will no longer be an inconvenience again. And while the front camera on your phone is defective, with an external app the problem is solved. Even in the worst case, there are ways to use WhatsApp Web without scan the QR Code . We want this article out of most of it.

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