We Show You How To Use Whatsapp On Different Web Browser

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Today you can use WhatsApp at both your mobile web at the level of smartphone functions as a messaging application, where envías and downloads music, photos, videos , documents, locations, audios, among other functions. But, you can now use WhatsApp website in different browser.

All this, since 2015 WhatsApp Web is offered and can be used on a Windows computer or computers; but synchronized with the mobile, using a QR code that will get you by following the steps indicated in the https://web.whatsapp.com direction.

We show how to use WhatsApp web Different Browser

Now What is a browser?

But for the above, you need a browser or Internet browser, which, lets you view the contents of a website thanks to software; This computer program contains the elements you need to access and interact with it.

At the beginning browsers or browsers were level computers, but eventually began to other devices connect to the Internet through programs;. Such as phones, tablets, televisions and even video game consoles mention some browsers or browsers most commonly used:

  • Microsoft Edge, which replaced today Internet Explorer created in 1995 by Microsoft.
  • Mozilla Firefox was introduced in 2002 and developed by the Corporation and Mozilla Foundation; also the Opera browser.
  • Google Chrome one of the most used browsers globally, developed by Google and introduced to the market in 2008; It is considered a very stable and secure browser today, with more than 750 million customers on a global level.

We show how to use WhatsApp on different Web browser

To use WhatsApp on your computer there are only two alternatives:

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    1. By WhatsApp desktop , which you can install on your computer.
    2. and WhatsApp Web to which you can enter from a browser or Internet browser.

Both are extensions of your account WhatsApp on your phone, where all messages sent or received sync between these two devices becoming seen in both; therefore, any move you make in one will be reflected in the other.

The first thing to mention is that can log on from any WhatsApp Web browsers mentioned such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Edge and anyone to scan the QR code on your phone; but due to certain limitations of browsers, it may not have input to several functions.

To access WhatsApp Web must follow these steps

      • At the moment the application only works with your browser or Chrome browser; but perhaps soon an update appears to allow use by other browsers


      • Update WhatsApp to the latest version, which is done by operating systems WhatsApp application; except for iPhone, because it still has no support for the web.
      • Once you have met these requirements, proceed to open the application on the computer browser at the following address https://web.whatsapp.com.
      • Then we open WhatsApp on your mobile phone, and tap on the WhatsApp Web in the main menu of the app.
  • It is now supposed to already be linked to our own computer WhatsApp, and the display will indicate this; but still has not been done, then come a QR code reader .
  • This QR code on your computer; you scan with your camera mobile to then turn on your computer WhatsApp web.

 icon WhatsApp web

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Finally, it should be mentioned that this link is so strong that it can web use WhatsApp on your computer without being connected to the Internet and have your phone into operation; It is therefore recommended that you have everything to day, because it is not known at what time you need to install this application.

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