You Can Also Use Whatsapp For Pc Without Free Virtual Mobile Number

enable whatsapp computer

Whatsapp has become one of the mobile applications most used worldwide. In fact, this app has completely replaced the old system of SMS messaging.

Today is more common speak for whatsapp talking on the phone call, so it is essential to install it on your phone to keep in touch with all your surroundings.

So can Use WhatsApp without PC Mobile Virtual Number with Free

However, what happens if you damage the phone, if you misplace or stolen or simply if you do not have one? Not having a mobile phone does not mean you can not have WhatsApp and communicate with your friends and family, in fact, we will explain various methods to using WhatsApp for PC with a toll free number.

Basically, to perform this trick, do not need to have a smartphone , but it is essential that you possess a phone number to provide as Whatsapp request verification.

Whatsapp without a phone

To carry out this process must be installed on your tablet PC or Android emulator, you can use one called Memu. When you have, you must go to the Play Store and download Whatsapp well, you have to download another application called Text-Plus free Phone


social networking app WhatsApp

This app which will be simulate a phone number , so you do not need any mobile as the number that let’s pretend, use it to set the Whatsapp.

When you open Text-Free Phone Plus need to place a state and ZIP code so that it can simulate a number. It is important to use the same country Whatsapp so you can smoothly enter the phone number during setup app.

And ready, that would be it. Once configured Whatsapp you can talk to anyone without having a mobile or telephone number.

Whatsapp PC emulator and a fixed number

As mentioned above, for this method all you will need is a phone number and a PC. To carry out this process, we must download an emulator called Bluestacks.

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Once you have downloaded, we will install, this process is very short and simple. It should be noted that in addition to the emulator, no other program, this to prevent our PC slowdowns is not installed. It is important to be enabled. assisted visualization hardware , this will help run the best emulator

To access the emulator must be entered compulsorily a Google account, this in order to enter the Play Store and download WhatsApp. Once you enter it start synchronizing account Bluestacks supplied with mail.

whatsapp download pc

One tip is to not put the mail you normally use, as if at any moment use that email on another smartphone, could cause a synchronization conflict.

We enter the shop from the emulator Google and look for Whatsapp. After downloading the app we have to configure it by entering your country and phone number for this deal.

If you put the number of a mobile you will get an SMS with a code validation to that device. E Conversely, if you entered the number of a mobile phone, you must select the option “Call me” .

Once we get the validation code, you just have to otrogarle permits corresponding to Whatsapp and ready, and can use this application on your PC without requiring a phone.

Functions available to the WhatsApp use without mobile

Believe it or not, you can use all the options and features available Whatsapp.

enables you up states and see all the states to upload your contacts , yes If you plan to upload a photo, you should drink it and then upload it beforehand.

Similarly you can use available styles that can be used in a chat, such as answering or quote a message , delete messages, put messages in bold or letter italic .

Another great advantage is that sending messages or video calls does not consume megs because the local internet, making it very convenient to make video calls and talk a good time with family or friends is employed.

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However, in order to carry out a webcam video call will be essential, otherwise, you can only make calls.

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