Adding A Contact To A Group Without Administrator Whatsapp

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Undoubtedly, WhatsApp has become the application of IM more used worldwide. Since its inception, WhatsApp revolutionized the world of messages, thanks to its dynamic functions. In that sense, it continues to add features for ease of use, so we’ll tell you how to add a contact to a group of WhatsApp without administrator .

Adding a contact to a group without being WhatsApp Manager

Groups WhatsApp

First, let’s talk about WhatsApp groups. These groups represent a valuable tool of mass communication . We provide the opportunity to maintain continuous contact with people with whom we maintain a common goal. For example, they may be working groups, study groups, family groups, etc.

Of course, the first step is join or enter a group of Whatsapp . It is a very simple process; people who are part of the group may be in your town or even can add a number of contact abroad in WhatsApp . This gives an overall alzance to any group that share the same interests.

These groups allow several people to hold together and handle certain information; is can make various settings such as add a description to a group of WhatsApp . Its duration will depend on the utility have for you; when you want to can leave a group of WhatsApp .

The working groups WhatsApp, facilitate communication with the team ; especially in these times when many perform their job duties from home. It also allows the team to organize the instructions to perform their functions.

The speed is one of the features that make the ideal application WhatsApp; so, real-time , all participants in the group can access the same information. You also can send information in different formats; as PDF, DOCX, images, photos, audio, contact details, location, audio, video, etc.

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These are just some of the functions you can do with WhatsApp; In addition, we can not forget that this is a very creative and fun tool preferred by friends; to spend time very entertaining.

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Learn how to add a contact to a group of WhatsApp without administrator

Knowing some of the benefits of being part of a group of WhatsApp, arises one of the most frequently asked questions; ¿I can add a contact to a group without administrator WhatsApp ?. Generally, the administrator of a group of WhatsApp is responsible for adding and deleting contacts involved in the group.

However, the need may arise another participant in the group at some point; add a contact without being the administrator of the same. Then you have the options to do so.

Using QR code on WhatsApp Web

To add a contact to a group of WhatsApp without being the administrator, you can do it through a QR code. You just need to be a participant in the group set up and follow these steps:

  • On your computer WhatsApp Web access at the same time, you must log WhatsApp on your phone.
  • Then in menu 3 vertical dots or configuration, as appropriate, choose the option WhatsApp Web.
  • In the activated your camera phone, you scan the QR code that appears on the computer screen; on the official WhatsApp Web site.
  • Once entered the app from the computer should go to chat WhatsApp group you want to add a participant; and select the menu at the top right or 3 vertical dots.
  • Select the information group .
  • Select the option to Invitation link group .
  • Now you must choose send a QR code invitation to the group.

 whatsapp phone and laptop with web

Those who use a mobile iPhone and receive an invitation code, can scan the code, using the webcam of the iPhone. For those who have a device Android , you can use a QR code reader and scan the code they have received.

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Share group via a link or link

The next alternative is quite simple, you need:

  • Open the app WhatsApp on your mobile and join the group .
  • Then select the menu 3 vertical dots and select information group .
  • The following is select “add participant” and then “ invite the group link “.
  • There you can see the code, copy it and share it with a contact you want to add to the group of WhatsApp.

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