Whatsapp Using A Landline Number – Easy And Fast

WhatsApp business use

WhatsApp on most instant messaging applications used around the world, it has become a key part of how we communicate. However, at first glance, this application can have some drawbacks. For this reason, in this article we want to show WhatsApp using a landline number quickly and easily .

How to use WhatsApp a landline number

For a long time, use this popular application has been possible thanks to a mobile phone number, downloading and updated constantly applying in it. This posed an obstacle for those did not have one of these devices or choose not to link their personal numbers with this application.

For this reason, many have tried to add a landline number, but the surprise it was not possible to use the application in this way further. Today, if you try to link a fixed number with the classic version of WhatsApp you’ll get a message that says. «The number you entered did not match to a mobile phone in your country»

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Now, with the launch of Business WhatsApp in 2017, a version designed specifically for businesses to connect with consumers, the ability to add a fixed number entered the game board. To use, you must have a mobile or Android emulator installed on your PC. So, to start using the application, do the following:

 using WhatsApp landline number

  1. On a mobile phone or an Android emulator, enter the Play Store or App Store and download the corporate WhatsApp application.
  2. Open the application. If you already have an account linked WhatsApp on your phone, Show your child that the application want to use a different number . A enters the landline number you want to link, not to mention the country code.
  3. When the application requests a verification method, select «Call me.» In some cases, you have to wait a minute to enabled.
  4. Wait for the call and when you receive it, enter the verification code.

After this process, you can start using WhatsApp normally. In particular, the aesthetic point of view, the only difference in this version compared to the classic is that the issue is of a light green color.

As for the features, we say that this version of the application is designed for businesses, thus adds some useful features and interesting . For example, to your company announce your business online, it is a useful marketing tool. In the next section, we’ll explain everything you can do in this version.

About WhatsApp all business functions

This application is designed to facilitate communication between (SMEs) SMEs with their customers. It allows them to create a public profile in which they can add their contact information, website, opening hours and physical address. Best of all, it is very simple WhatsApp create a business account for a company .

 Use WhatsApp business on a fixed line

This app also offers other features such as:

Account Verification

This aspect adds a lot of trusted in contact with your customers . You can check your profile and check the type of verification that owns your account. A brand of medium green color as WhatsApp has verified your account as genuine. medium gray color of the mark that the fixed number you added is used simultaneously with other equipment. And a way of gray question mark that your account has not been verified.

automatic responses

You can set your profile to identify the keywords cats with your customers and send automated messages. It can also be implemented at the beginning of a conversation with a new customer. Thus, if the number of users is high, you do not write the same message welcome when necessary.

To also make could create a chatbot automatic responses, etc.. you may forget to answer one by one all conversations.

Organization and labeling of cats

You can group discussions with your customer lists. This way you will have a more control and organization of your posts . It is very useful to use this feature to classify, for example, new customers regulars. Even if you work with deliveries, you can sort your conversations depending on the condition of the packaging.

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