How To Make A Backup Of Whatsapp Chats In Google Drive?

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Currently, there are many data stored on mobile , particularly in instant messages. For this reason, it is essential to know to save your conversations WhatsApp in Drive.

The data for this application can be phone numbers to users as key other platforms that do not want to miss. Here, the importance of a backup of all cats to avoid losing information.

Also, users must learn the method to make a   backup WhatsApp   manually. Because sometimes, automatic media tend to fail.

Another option to have more space for your conversations WhatsApp WhatsApp is delete files recorded.

Step by Step Guide to create a backup of WhatsApp chats in Google Drive

The process to save the WhatsApp chats in Google Drive is really simple, just include the following steps:

Open your Gmail account on the device

The first step for backup to Google Drive obviously keeps the Gmail open on your computer. Since the time of activation of the application, the information will be input or related to the user.

If you can not log into your Gmail account Forgot your password do not worry about this problem is easy to solve.

The next thing is to identify the level of space Free to your phone , since the beginning of the requested support, at least 512 KB for storage.

Enable Google Drive

The next thing is to open the application and follow the following path: WhatsApp & gt; More control (three points) & gt; Settings & gt; & Gt; Cats Backup & gt; Save to Google Drive .

 what is driving app security

Then in the action, you get a notification box to select the account that will be saved. Moreover, this is an opportunity for the user to determine if an action will one day, continuously or only when Deems appropriate user.

Finally, we proceed to press the Save housed in the bottom of the screen options. It will be available to all changes required by the user.

As a point of observation, storage backup is through the use of mobile data or income of the team. An observation point is that people who decide to change the position where there have been recent downloads will be lost in the law. Since the information is in the cloud that was attached.

So a backup on Google Drive is stored manually

The procedure for cats WhatsApp backup Google Drive is manually not very different from that described above, consists of the following:

  • Keep open Gmail account, including access where it will be stored all the relevant information. This can be done directly in the configuration parameters or WhatsApp.
  • Follow the following path: Settings & gt; & Gt; Cats Backup   & Gt; Save. Next, a notification is displayed with the download progress.

You can at the time of the backup you experience the problem that takes too long to do it or it gives you error, this usually occurs because your Google Drive is packed and set just HAVE free your account


Is it important to make a backup?

The answer is a resounding yes , backups are very useful to store conversations and other attributes. But his confidence increases when stored in Google Drive cloud.


All devices with Android OS have a defect related to Google. Although the iPhone equipment are stored in a program known as cloud iCloud.

Both formats begin the process to 02:00 if they are automatically configured to operate. The user can also change the action time and place that suits you.

It is valid Transcending   it is a very good role for entrepreneurs or traders who work with their phone. Because they do not lose their conversations or chats data such as tables or price agreements.

Once you have to back up your WhatsApp chat, follow these steps to download copy Google Drive to WhatsApp.

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