Locking And Password Put Whatsapp On Iphone With Fingerprint Or Photo Id

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For those seeking more privacy and security in their interactions with WhatsApp , we’ll show you today which perhaps has long wanted to know, and to Apple incorporated it to his iPhone: how block and set password WhatsApp iPhone fingerprint or ID photo .

And to make easier this tutorial will teach you what you need to lock and password put WhatsApp on iPhone with fingerprint or photo ID ?, What are the steps to lock WhatsApp on iPhone? And how unlock WhatsApp on iPhone? Come with us and learn quickly.

How you can block and set password to WhatsApp on iPhone with fingerprint or photo ID

WhattsApp has become one of my most popular instant messaging globally, not just to chat or you make video calls among friends and family but solid also used as a means of communication in work environments, and banks, even for commercial transactions.

For these reasons and more, a series of interactions involving all privacy are generated. Given this, there is the option of blocking the WhatsApp through biometric fingerprint recognition, ID photo or passwords on iPhone phones, which are merely means to protect user data, because sometimes your device may be exposed to the view of others for various reasons.

What you need to block and set password to WhatsApp on iPhone with fingerprint or photo ID?

  • An iPhone, because until now there is no other brand that will enable these options.
  • If you already have an iPhone with WhatsApp installed, we recommend you go to your App Store and download the latest WhatsApp update should not have it.

What are the steps to block WhatsApp on iPhone?

  • To enable this type menu option Settings or your WhatsApp Settings, you’ll find it on the bottom bar of the screen
  • Then go to Account, or if you have an older iPhone to the iPhone version of X, then you can go to the section Privacy

 steps to block an iPhone

  • There you will see the option to “Lock Screen” (displayed for all versions of iPhone) click on it,
  • Now click on the Require Face ID , or Touch ID function on previous iPhone to the iPhone version of X,
  • After that, you will have a menu with four options to choose how you long to wait for block your WhatsApp: Immediately, After 1 minute, after 15 minutes, or After 1 hour. Choose one of these options to continue, and you have already completed the process.

 a phone in the privacy option

After activating the lock and no one can view the contents of your WhatsApp because it appears not only disabled but with a kind of coating thereon. So no need to worry when you leave open intentionally or inadvertently, and at home, in the office, or on your site studies have to lend your iPhone , or another person is handling.

How to unlock WhatsApp on iPhone?

It noted that once the elapsed time waiting for your selected lock

  • Once you decide to reuse the app for access, then the system will generate the following message “WhatsApp Locked” and the padlock symbol
  • Then you will automatically request the Touch ID your fingerprint is unlikely to footprint not work on the iPhone and do not worry, the photo ID , or code that is no more than a password access to “Enter Code to WhatsApp iPhone” will depend on the version of your iPhone,
  • Choose one of these options you’ve previously set up in the Settings from your iPhone, and finally after being authenticated can unlock your data and WhattsApp.

Your security, protection and privacy are very important issues, so if you already learned how to block and put password to WhatsApp on iPhone with fingerprint or ID photo , go and apply it now.

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