Changing The Name Of A Group Of Whatsapp -Step By Step

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The way we communicate has changed over the years, communications today are much more fluid among us. We live in totally connected world, thanks largely to the Internet and of course social networks.

It is common that we registered in a social network or usually many, as they have become virtually essential to interact with the world around us.

Changing the name of a group of WhatsApp -Step by Step

Every day continues to grow market IM , there are many applications that help us communicate. But it is very important to differentiate know among which are more suited to our needs.

How to rename a group of WhatsApp?

Among the applications they highlight we find WhatsApp with more than 400 million users is the instant messaging application most used today.

This application was created in 2009 in order to give users the best possible experience; WhatsApp surprises us with a simple and user-friendly interface . As well as innovative and effective it is, to give us the tools to make communication much better.

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Among the Main features that offers WhatsApp able to find the groups of up to 256 members . Whatsapp , where you can interact with each and every one of them.

These groups all participants can communicate in real time in the same chat. Exchanging text messages audio and image files or video, just to mention some of them; bearing in mind that is not the same a group to a list dissemination.

It is very important to know this feature of WhatsApp Messenger best. In this article we will focus on teaching how to rename a group of WhatsApp

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Steps to rename a group of WhatsApp

It is important to note that to rename a group of WhatsApp Messenger is necessary to be Administrator of the group in question. Otherwise it will be impossible to rename it.

Taking the above said clear, proceed with step, which is open WhatsApp Messenger. Once open headed to the group that you want to rename and open it.

Then we go to the top right corner of the screen of your Smartphone, select where three white dots are the . a menu of options, we select Info. of the group. will be displayed

We enter the information of the group, there can see the image and the current name as the group. Now let the pencil icon , located to the right of the name and give a hint about it.

By following the above steps correctly and can rename the group. For this we delete the current name you have and then write the new name you want to place.

Finally, we OK , so we changed the name of our group WhatsApp quickly and easily. This action is the same regardless of the operating system in which we find ourselves. Keep in mind that whenever you can silence a group of Whatsapp for hours or even a year.

How to download or update WhatsApp Messenger application on your phone?

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If you have not downloaded the WhatsApp Messenger app or want to update it, this article will also learn how to do it easily and quickly. To do this we must follow the steps indicated below:

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  • To download or update the application WhatsApp first thing to do is open the Play Store. Once an open headed to the Search bar at the top of the screen and type WhatsApp Messenger
  • .

  • We will get a list of applications and we click on WhatsApp . We will show all information concerning the application and select download where it says Download . Then we’ll get a box informing us that we must grant permissions, we OK .
  • Automatically unload and install it.
  • In the case of already having downloaded the application and want to update , where is located the Download will now be one that says Update , we must click on it. Thus began the process of updating WhatsApp Messenger.

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