Changing The Default Storage Easily Whatsapp

 Changing the default storage WhatsApp

smartphone have become great allies of communication and entertainment. However, media exchange and constant application updates, placed in check storage devices, slowing their performance and reducing their ability to memory .

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Changing the default storage WhatsApp Easily

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Storage a constant problem

Each generation of mobile devices typically integrate an extension in the internal storage . However, does not always offer the user the ability to have enough space for storing multimedia content and applications in trend.

These uncomfortable and tedious situations may be because the photos, videos and applications increasingly have higher size . The most affected are usually phone users medium-low range. In these cases, the files on your internal memory to the SD card is recommended move .

Finding alternatives for your storage

Users of other mobile devices seeking to soften the impact on the administration of internal storage, using Micro SD memory complement to your phone .

 Finding alternatives for your storage

This option has emerged as the most common and effective to optimize the operation of the device. However, the problem of saturating the memory of your phone by frequent applications continue causing discomfort to the user.

Whatsapp storage

Whatsapp positions itself as one of the leading instant messaging applications most used . Being leader in its field, with millions of downloads it is imposed as the favorite in the field of communication.

The efficient service in their messages, the security provided by users and has the ability to share multimedia content, correspond to preferred features that this application offers its users.

If several keep active chats, including groups where an exchange of remains content often and large, it is likely that the memory of the device is affected and performance slowdowns.

Solve your problem easily

Thanks to the customizable nature of this application, you can choose which way you want the content is saved without congesting t or smartphone.

 easily solves your problem

  • Micro SD : As previously noted, make available micro SD external memory has been vital for many users. For this you must change the configuration of WhatsApp and choose the option that the content remains stored in external memory.

There is no direct way to change the storage of the multimedia content on the platform WhatsApp, so you must enter the app store on your mobile device and perform the Settings from it.

  • Files Whatsapp to SD : This is an application that lets you, effectively, copy, move or delete files on your internal memory WhatsApp. The app features an intuitive interface and easy to use. It’s a good way to save space on your internal storage.
  • FolderMount : If your mobile device is rooted, this application is a good alternative. Its function is to move, automatically, all files that you receive your micro SD card.
  • From your phone : an option much more direct, without downloading applications, is to enter the settings of your mobile device. For this you must:
  • Enter the section of your phone settings.
  • Access storage.
  • If you already have installed your micro SD external memory, two graphic memory should appear.
  • Make your micro SD as default storage destination.

An alternative method if given the case the above is not efficient would be migrate or move the application complete the internal memory to the SD card .

Inquiring more

If you want to multimedia content is not visible in your gallery , WhatsApp has a useful alternative for it. Following these steps, the content you download WhatsApp still consume space in your memory, but will not be reflected in the gallery.

  • Enter the settings section WhatsApp .
  • Click on the option Chats.
  • On the part of chat settings, turn off the visibility of multimedia files. Thus, all images and all the videos received by WhatsApp will not be visible in the gallery of the device.

Also, you can learn how to delete files WhatsApp saved on my phone to free up space from our web easily and efficiently.

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