Creating A Whatsapp Group Where Only The Administrator Can Speak

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Today we will see how to create a group WhatsApp where one can speak the administrator. can be used in very large groups, where the sole purpose is for informational purposes for the rest of its members avoiding that fill your inbox with annoying messages.

Most of the time, this mode is used to allow administrators to provide only the information necessary and that not the thread of the conversation is lost , with messages that have nothing to do with the main theme. We will explain step by step from the beginning. Since, the first thing to do is create a group of WhatsApp.

Creating a group where only WhatsApp to talk Manager

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How to create a group of WhatsApp in a few steps

To do this, what you do within the application, go to the contact list, or select the icon of the message is bottom right. The latter, also will lead you to contacts. The first choice you have before your contact list is “New Group” .

In the new window that opened you will have all your contacts again. There is what you should select one by one, all the contacts in your list that you want to participate in the group.

Members who will be part of the new group you’re creating, they will be appearing at the top of the screen. Once you’ve selected all the people you want to be part, you have to do is press the B green Otho with an arrow to the right you have below the screen to the right.

Then you’ll get a new window where you can see all the contacts you’ve chosen above. Top right must add a name or subject to the group.

You have the option also to add an icon or image allusive to the subject or name of the group. The latter is optional, and it is advisable to locate it more easily and quickly into other conversations.

Once finished you have to create it, select the green button with a tilde, that is top right accept and create the group.

 manage group roles whatsapp

How to make only the administrator can speak simple and fast group

If you want to apply this method to an existing group, you can skip the first part. Once you have created the group, you can incorporate the function can speak only managers WhatsApp group .

It is very simple, you just have to find the group in your conversations and enter the chat. Once inside, you’ll press on the name of the group.

will open a new screen, where you can view the image or icon of the larger group, this is the profile of the group. As you can see, you have some configuration options in a list below the image more.

Within these options, we’ll select “Configure group” . Then, in a new list of options, you must click the “Send Message” option to edit the configuration.

 administrators can only send messages

You will have a new pop-up window with a legend “Choose who can send messages to this group,” and then two options: “All participants” and “Administrators Only”


As in this case, what we do, is that s olo can send messages only administrators, you have to do is select this option and then press “OK” to save your changes.

From now on, only participants who are managers of the group are the ones who can send messages. You can select one or several other people to be moderators of the group.

Within the selection of “Group Settings” , have the “ Assign admins option. of the “. group There, you could select all persons in the list of participants in the group, so that they are administrators.

As you can see in a very short time and simple steps you can create a group of WhatsApp where one can speak or administrators.

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